• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/22/2022
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gear Wrench, Balljoint, Volt, Sarlacc (R)

These were some unexpected circumstances to be sure. The weekend before, the weather peeps called for everyone to batten down the hatches and prepare for snowmageddon. This time around, they hardly even mentioned a chance of anything for our area. Well Friday evening it started snowing. And kept snowing. And kept snowing. And kept snowing until the SE part of the county had a solid 3″ of the white stuff. When YHC went to bed, it looked like the chances of making the treck to Folsom would be in danger of not happening.

5:30 came and the morning routine started like usual. YHC was thinking of how to conduct a remote Q so the PAX could get some sort of work in. What to do, what to do. When the garage door was opened and an analysis of the conditions was held, it looked a little better than expected. The road snow had settled down a litte so that it wasn’t totally white. Maybe there was a chance. When the radar seemed to indicate that the northern part of the county may not have gotten it as bad an YHC’s hood, the decision was made to give it a go. Better get on the road early so that careful slow driving could be done. Let’s do it!

After a mostly uneventful drive to the norhtern territory, YHC pulled into the Folsom area to be greeted by Balljoint running around getting in some EC. There were a few other trucks in the lot ready to get some work done. At the start time, there were 5 HIM ready to push the rock. This is what happened…

After a little chatter, it was determined that the covered picnic shelter at the bottom would be a perfet venue for what YHC had cooked up. It had light and was ice free. Excellent!

The Thang – The Frozen Deck of Death!!!

To keep moving around in the ice to a minimum, YHC picked the Deck as a good method for madness. The format was that we’d do a specific exercise per suit. It went like this:

  • Spades – Merkins
  • Diamonds – Big Boy Sit Ups
  • Hearts – Lunges
  • Clubs – Goofballs

To accompany the work, YHC broght the trusty JBL Flip for some musical vibes. Volt really appreciated most of what was played for sure. We made it all the way through the deck with enough time to give another round a go. This time it was like this:

  • Spades – CDDs – aka Def Leppard merkins in honor of the former Nantan who is on IR for the time being
  • Diamonds – LBCs
  • Hearts – Squats
  • Clubs – Plank Jacks

We finished with just barely enough time and then we headed back to the start. Way to push it men!

Prayer requests- Def Leppard’s wrist, Huck’s dad, Gumby’s back, Big Pappy’s mom, Wichita’s mom, Chloe’s tumor behind her knee

Announcements – Q School rescheduled to February 5th, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader rescheduled to May 3rd, Rooster relay in Rock Hill, Flat Rock retreat February 18-20 has 15 spots remaining

As usual, even when it’s unsure whether it’s smart to post or not, YHC was super glad he pushed the envelope to make it to the workout. We had great fellowship and mumblechatter and everyone got better. AYE!!!