• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/15/2022
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe (R), Stroganoff (R), Whoopee (R)

Anyone of “respect” age and older can probably finish that sentence in addition to identifying the author and where it was said. Any guesses from the younger generation? Bueller? In a frank conversation with his son, tv dad Dr. Cliff Huxtable had a frank conversation with his son Theo about life. This too was a punchline in Bill Cosby’s stand-up routine as well. The punch line was “…and I can take you out!” Why do I introduce today’s events with that title you ask? Well as the GasHouse circle formed this brisk morning, we had 4 guys for Tube’s Pain Lab and 3 guys followed me for the bootcamp. Those three HIMs were Whoopee, Stroganoff, and Roscoe. Grab a chair son and let me share a little bit about what happened.


  • Toy Soldier, Imperial Walker Squats, Side to Side Lunges, Moroccan Night Clubs, Arrows R/L, Plank Jacks, all in cadence x 10. While in plank, right foot by right hand – stretch the hamstring; right hand up followed by left hand up getting some thoracic spine stretching (did I say that correct Voodoo?). Flap-jacked to the left. Finished with shoulder taps IC x 10: Recover, Pledge, Split up.

The aforementioned 3 moseyed from the Schiele across the street to the back of Akers Pharmacy. An old routine that I thought the Site Q might enjoy. One Stroganoff did not – opting to Omaha the first part. Roscoe, Whoopee and I threw our legs against the wall for 10 Hip Slappers (5 R/5 L), then bear-crawled across the parking lot for 10 merkins. We then took a lap, opting for counter-clockwise. Three total rounds.

We took a stroll over to First Presbyterian Church for the classic DORA using the stairs. The exercises were: 100 Hand-Release Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBCs. Team Stroganoff/Whoopee opted for regular merkins. We discussed the state of affairs at the GasHouse AO and how we can build it up for 2022 – “Always be EH-ing.” Since there were only 4 of us, we used the lower brick wall near the firepit to do 10 Step-ups each leg, 10 Derkins, and 10 Dips.

We moseyed across the street to Freight’s house of worship. This had been intended for the main event. Earlier that morning, I arrived with a piece of chalk to mark a few parking spots. I over-estimated the number of PAX but no worries, we rotated through at our leisure doing the exercises scribbled down except Stroganoff who declared this was a “me vs. me” workout as he was a solo EC and apparently his battery was draining. The exercises were: Mtn. Climbers, Freddie Mercury, Flying Squirrel, CDD, Flutter Kicks, American Hammer, Jump Squats. How many reps you’re wondering? The timer was a runner that took the long loop around the two medians. This routine lasted about 15 minutes.

Arriving back at the base – we had a couple of minutes to do a few more core exercises. I introduced “the pencil” which is like Heels to Heaven except your legs remain perpendicular or 90 degrees and your core lifts your legs up. A futile attempt was moved on to toe touches as the bell rang.

Announcements: next Saturday at GasHouse (1/22) after the workout will be Q-School at 8:20-ish hosted by the First FQ. If you’ve never attended or want to brush up on your skills, post at GH or hustle over from Folsom/Old School/Yank to attend. Whoopee is grilling burgers for breakfast – no exotic meats are on the menu at this time. Let him know if you’re coming so he can plan accordingly. Tuesday 1/18 Rice and Beans – see Tiger for more info or Slack. Prayer Requests: Roscoe’s M and Father-in-Law, Castlerock’s Mother-in-Law, Huck’s father. Roscoe took us out.

Moleskin – it was a light crew for us this morning, but those three guys are important to me for the fact they all had a hand in bringing me into this F3 world as Cliff Huxtable once shared on The Cosby Show. All three friendships of varying years, all three had been EH’ing me in the inaugural year of 2015. I gave many excuses most guys give. But then Whoopee had a special day one early Saturday in November where it was an anniversary of his being cancer free. There were several FNGs that day to honor Whoopee. Not all returned, but thankfully I bought in and only to look back at the friends I’ve made and accomplishments earned. Thanks to the three guys that posted alongside today for the push, the conversation, and the friendship.

It was a pleasure to lead today.

Short Sale