• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/29/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Tesla
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Defib, Linus, Tesla, Hermie, Clavin, Time Frame, Tube, Whoopee, Whopper.

On a Memorial Day Saturday with some early summer heat and humidity with a light pax at the AO YHC had a plan and it definitely involved being a little different. Which is a good thing! After 5 straight posts and a some pretty challenging work all week long YHC was a little spent today. Throw in the first roll of heat and humidity and it was a sluggish start – but it didn’t stay that way. Here’s what happened:


Arm stretch

SS – burpees X 5

Foot to had stretches

Grass pickers X 20

Bootcampers off with me to the track, painlabbers stay back.

Bootcamp work, six shooter variation.

10 burpees, lap

20 Big boys, lap

Over to the tables.

Dips, Stepups (each leg), Dirkins, inclined big boys

3 repeats, 10X, 15X, 20X.

Back to the track:

30 Werkins, lap

40 squats, lap

Down to the area next to the baseball field for “chop-chop burpees” Chop-chop is where you run in place then hit the ground on Q’s “down” call and do a burpee. Do 5X then run up the hill and back around. Repeat 4X.

Back to the track:

50 merkins , lap

60 SSH. Decided not to do the lap but come back to the COT. Except we decided to do the lap! Then mosey back.

On the way back we saw Clavin leaving out for work and we had no pain labbers present. so we made up the story about Clavin and the pain labbers. As only we could do. But we weren’t done!

Rugby sprint v2.0

Skip between islands, run back, walk back.

1st round: LBCs X 20, AHs X 20, Heels to Heaven X 20

Rinse and repeat above, hold plank for 2 minutes. Keep expanding on the Clavin story. Where minds can go! Ha Ha Ha!

Done and pledge as pain labbers return, squelching our story line via Clavin. It was fun while it lasted!


Great work by a skelton crew today. Congrats to grads and parents. Been an interesting year to say the least. Now everyone is on to better things – we hope and pray. Not a 2nd F today, we need to work on that here. it’s usually pretty good. But again a holiday Saturday contributed. But let’s put the effort in here guys! YHC went over ot Fighting Yank’s 2nd F. 24 pax and at least half attended coffeteria/breakfast. We can do that here.

Enjoyed leading. Great group!