• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/21/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Folgers (R), Slaw, Sister Act, JK2, Bob The Builder, EZ Rider, Purple Haze (R), Gastone, Balljoint
  1. Over the Christmas holidays my 2.0 expanded more fully into the bonus room ( a benefit of being an only child) and I needed to move some stuff around inc a new better tv and console. Suddenly I unearthed an archaeological treasure almost like time capsule! It was a sheet of paper that Short Sale passed around approximately 3 years ago downtown and I enjoyed it so much I treasured it ( filed away and forgotten more like) hoping to draw upon its energy and purpose at some point in my life! I knew immediately (. 5 months ago!) that I needed to lead a Q downtown ( where I’ve been absent from for almost a year !) and bring this holy object back into the gloom.
    Start with pledge
    Tell all, yep, I’m an idiot! I’m gonna give suggestions … so take them or leave them … I don’t care.
    Toy soldiers IC x 11 ( only because EZ Rider challenges me too !!)

medium arm circles 10 forward 10 backwards single count 
Imperial Walkers IC x 10 ( I think ,,,, might’ve needed 9)
Side lunge each side 10 times each OYO
jumping lunges ( crowd pleaser ) IC x 5 or 6
Nolan Ryan’s OYO 10 times each side
5 burpees
Mosey to street and

5 burpees

To the wall
Wall sits hands in front IC x 10
Purple Haze was going on about something … had to shut it down … because we NEEDED Hip Slappers IC X 10 ( I think)
Mosey about 5 feet to another street and

5 burpees

Mosey to 321 S and ask, “ what’s next?”
Everyone volunteers 5 burpees!” In a loud Chorus …. Had to answer a lot of questions from Police inc a promise to keep it down.

kept up with burpees all the way to First Presby only stopping to “drum up “ business at the Motor inn Lodge with 10 IC monkey humpers

at the stairs for FPC we line up and bear crawl up and then down at a sideways angle because I si not realize how steep these are!! And then over to the other big set ( way away … almost too far ) and so same again .

all talk about how much that SUCKED!

so I said I’ve got another sucky idea 5 Bobby Hurleys ( talk about Bobby Hurley burpees … not today)

 mosey back to pavilion stopping to ask each pax in turn what they wanted and how many … all kept telling me 5 burpees except SA who o thought asked for 20 only to hear him say 10… confusion as pax was excited about the higher number

we also paused to perform crab thrusters in front of the Main PO

So once we get to the Pavilion I introduce the pain, er the next fun exercises !! Yay 

3 rounds of 

20 flutters, 15 lbcs, 10 leg raises 

20 Freddie Mercuries, 15 heel touches, 10 modified v-sit

20 American Hammers, 15 Long Arm crunches, 10 reverse crunch

and there was supposed to be a 30-60 second test in between each , but this group was having none of that !!! D@mn but they kept rolling into the next set and then the last !

plenty o time so deep sea divers 5 each step up 4 steps stop at top one abs recount it first and then down each 

I now ask Slaw, “ How many?” I know … dangerous question especially as he says, “33!”

I clarify and ask what exercise …. Yes! I know that this is perhaps even more dangerous ….. 

hw says Slaw Squats …. Take it all the way as low as you can go ( to the ground, he says)

I accept the 33 and the crowd goes wild !

1:05 left for the beat down …. Yep, you guessed it … they wanted 10 more burpees …. All total I’m certain we did 100 ….and there was no train!

Bunker at Yank Pain Lab 101 w/ Rudolph 

Memorial Day Murph Sandlot 7:00 all other AOs open 

Amoeba  Ruck

Gashouse changing o’ the guard Linus hands off to the Whoopster tomorrow 

Downtown and Labyrinth actively seeking new site Qs 

update on Turtleman from Gastone that due to F 3 and tennis T- mans heart is really strong and that after the first few treatments all cancer is dead!! But needs to complete all for best effect. Lost weight ( to be expected , but doing well)

prayers also for Sister Acts daughter 

Purple Hazes neighbor who fell recently 


lastly I can only say how amazing this group was constantly on top of all the routines … although some were rather gassy….. perhaps I’ll bring some Beano next time