• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/22/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Gavel
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tiger, Doodles, Sweetheart, Rudolph, Dirt(R), Tesla(R), Breaker Breaker(R), Nutria, Stogie, Flintstone, Barney(R), Pockets, Hippa, Sargento, Buidan, Radar, BOS(R), Cpap(R).

My first Q at The Yank came four days after my 36th birthday and during only the second installment of The Bunker, so I thought we would have fun with the warmup but it kinda got boring after a while. Here’s what happened.

Warmup in the pit 36 of each IC
gravel pickers, some said Gavel pickers
Imperial walkers
Toy soldiers
Merkins OYO

Yankers split from the Bunkers and this is the “fun” we had.

Bear crawl up the driveway from the pit.
5 burpees at the top.
Bear crawl 2 parking spots, stop then do 10 Merkins
Repeat until the stop sign.
Mosey to the hill at the townhomes, I hate this hill but we also need the challenge. We counted of by twos, there were only 8 of us so it wasn’t too hard.

1’s runs the hill and the 2’s did the exercises AMRAP then we switched.

—Apolo Ohno
—Reverse Crunch
—Overhead press squats
—Newton’s Cradle

Next we Moseyed to the school to grab some wall. Stop close to the pit for 10 monkey humpers for the Bunkers.

10 Donkins(donkey kicks into a merkin)
30 sec wall sit
Repeat 3x

A few minutes left to do one partner work.

100 WW1’s

Mosey to the Yank and welcomed by monkey humpers from the Bunkers. That’s time.

Prayer Request:
Brutus on a mission trip
Big Pappy and family
Breaker’s Son and daughter-in-law flying home
Buckshot’s family friend who has a baby with a tumor

Blood drive June 16 in Belmont. Search Fthree Gastonia to signup.
Grow ruck 24 in Charlotte August 6 weekend

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.