• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/15/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: BOS
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: CPAP (R), Buckshot, Tiger, Freon, Barney (R), Flintstone, Doodles, TopHat (R), HIPAA, BubbaSparxxx, Broke (R), Slim Shady, Nutria, Rudolph, Boudin, Brutus (R), Voodoo, Double Stuff, Pockets

It was a beautiful day to launch a new AO in Belmont!  Twenty of F3 Gastonia’s finest descended on Belmont and The Fighting Yank to checkout this new thing they heard about called The Bunker.   YHC and HIPAA had the plan.  The guys showed up and we were off from the normal launch point at Stowe Park.  No FNGs present so a brief disclaimer was given and we set off to checkout the The Bunker in the “pit” behind Sammy’s.

YHC took the warm up.

15 Side Straddle Hops / 15 Grass Pickers / Imperial Walkers / Moroccan Night Clubs & 10 Merkins – All IC

Stretch – Arms R &/L –  aka Grapevine stretch, then Legs – R over L,  L over R , feet together all reaching to your toes.

All warmed up, its time we launch!  HIPAA took charge of The Bunker and began working his magic on eight pax.  You might not run at The Bunker but you are going to sweat!  YHC took ten guys down the road for the The Yank workout.

It went something like this.  Indian run around the block out to Main street and up to Cherubs to the flower boxes.

10x Derkins / Step Ups / Dips.   20x Box Jumps / Incline Merkins / Monkey Humpers.  10x Derkins / Step Ups / Dips. 20x Box Jumps / Incline Merkins / Monkey Humpers.  10x Derkins / Step Ups / Dips.

Mosey around the block behind the barber shop.

Partner up for DORA.

Partner one runs length of parking lot.  Partner two begins workout.  100 American Hammers / 200 Plank Jacks / 300 LBCs / 400 Flutters with 5 Burpees mixed in for the train.

At this point I planned to return to The Bunker to take some pictures and hand off the Q to BubbaSparxxx.  I handed off the Q but did not return as planned.  Don’t ask…

BubbaSparxxx took us to find a hill behind the pit for some BLIMPS.   Exercise in cadence then sprint up the hill.

If my memory serves me…B=Box Cutters then up the hill.  L=Lunge then up the hill, I=Imperial Walkers then up the hill, M=Merkins then up the hill,  P=Pretzel Crunch,  S=Side Straddle Hops.

Thank you BubbaSparxx!

Return back to The Bunker crowd for the last five minutes of their workout, the pledge, announcement and prayers.

Great work guys!  Fun launch HIPAA!  Support HIPAA his crew and our new AO.  Bring out some new and old guys!

See you in the gloom!