• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/16/2021
  • AO: Coconut Horse
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: (ran/ruck) DDC, Skittles (R), Quiche, Buckeye, (ran/ruck/qsource) Breaker Breaker (R), Dr. Seuss (R), Whoopee (R), BOS (R), Orangeman (R), JJ, Flinstone

The final installment for my weekend of Q’s occurred at the Coconut Horse on Sunday. The way this system works is the Q of the QSource “officially” has the Q for the Fitness portion of the event. Coming off celebrating my birthday the day before, I may have had a cold beverage or six, so it was a planned “smart sack” for the athletic portion of the session, so I posted at 0720 just as Flintstone wrapped up the COT and namarama. Congrats to the guys that ran and rucked the route. I pulled “a Sargento” in forgetting my wallet; Whoopee was kind enough to buy me a coffee which means I think I’m down 2-0 in that category. Now some, probably the Mayor and some that think similarly, are scratching their chin wondering about the no post Q and you’re right to question that, I don’t blame you, but since the Site Q doesn’t even organize Q’s for Coconut Horse, this is the accepted modus operandi.

So most of the PAX other than me put in some work that morning on the route. What I’m here to share with you is the QSource part as we’re studying Freed to Lead. I also had the Q last week (actually ran 5 miles that occasion) but I mis-read Stroganoff’s text as to where to pick up. So I covered D2X. I should have covered Concentrica – Q-Fail. So I recovered and did that topic this week.

For those of you that have read Freed to Lead or participated in Q-Source discussions, you should be familiar with the Concentrica which is a mechanism to help a man form “who” they will impact. From an F3 prioritization standpoint, this concept is at the top of the list if not at the top. The visual OBT and DREDD created is that of a bullseye where your family is in the center. Within that small circle prioritizes your M and then 2.0’s. Because of proximity, at least while your kids are through school (most of the time), this is a man’s greatest opportunity to influence and impact. Our kids are constant observers of our actions and they see our raw emotions. When we wake up in the morning and cranky. When we’re tired at night and just want the house quiet. How we treat our M’s and others. As a student of Freight’s constructive sarcasm, my kids have picked up on that trait. Nothing worse than when they use it against me (dammit!). For some it’s too late to shave the sharp edges of the rocks our kids have become. But hopefully the good has outweighed the bad or at least not so good.

The next circle are our brother’s in arms which represent a man’s closest confidants. Everyone’s circles will be different sizes and shapes. The point is we hopefully have group of close people outside your family that you spend time with (as some point of your life) and have strong trust. OBT & DREDD put a number on the next circle of 12-18 people that are friends, co-workers or others with proximity. The next circle of about 80 people are some the man had some level of impact. The outer circle is the rest of the world that wouldn’t know or really care if we passed away.

OBT and DREDD use a funeral as a way to gauge the man’s impact on the Concentrica. The closer to the center, the more those people will mourn and grieve the loss of the man. Other than Whoopee being the Sexiest Cardiologist Alive, I’m not ware of any of our F3 men being “famous” in a sense of impact. We had a good discussion inside Harris Teeter (maskless for the first time in a year) about this. I used Michael Jackson’s passing as an example. I happened to be in Los Angeles area at that time and it was all over the news with people openly weeping. I then shared Billy Graham as another with global impact. There have been other leaders, inventors, and entertainers that have a similar impact. Bringing the discussion back to our individual worlds and our concentricas, I think the lesson is to help us visualize the opportunities we have to impact others. We’re going to impact the first couple of rings in our normal interactions. I think the challenge is to grow those outer rings. When our physical time on earth is no longer, hopefully the impact we had on those that we encounter will be carried forward, representing our Legacy. Luckily for us, F3 offers many opportunities to impact others with the leadership roles and interactions. Don’t shy away from your next opportunity to lead and impact your brothers.

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