• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/19/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Time Frame, Gastone, EZ Rider, Damian ( DC metro), Waterboy, Folgers (R), Stroganoff ( R)

Text from Gastone paved way for FNG that he’d been EHing…. Only to be a no show…. Hopefully soon. Been some time since we’ve had one and it threw my timing off a little but I would recover.
Start with pledge
IC each count of 12 ( elicited a question of 12 days of Christmas again from EZ Rider…. Close)
High knees, butt kickers, merkins, mountain climbers and plank jacks …. All in a sped up cadence to get cardio up quickly as I would speak for next few minutes asking 3 questions … wrong answer or incompletes earn 7 burpee penalty.
Q1) in Matthew 2 we learn of the wise men bearing 3 gifts…. How many wise men ( according to the Bible) were there?
Time Frame correctly answers inconclusive as there’s nothing to specify names or their number …. All we know for certain is more than 2 as the verse says “wise men of the East”
Q2) who said or where does this reference come from “ Where but for the grace of God go I.
Wrong answer given as “ from the Bible”…..burpees
John Bradford in the mid 1600s is given credit as he witnessed prisoners walking towards their execution.
Q3) I would stumble here briefly forgetting the question I was to ask ( perhaps even my memory ) … oh wait… there it is….
Who or when does the phrase “ Give a man a fish and feed him for the day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime .”
Several hesitant, Time Frame again with an answer … “Confucius!”
Not sure if Confucius did, but  are many references to similar slogans or sayings from wise men through the years …. Of note, this is one of the most incorrectly attributed to Christ. Many times he talks of making Apostles fishers of men. Still an incomplete answer so 7 more penalty burpees
Now move to back of my truck where I shoulder a 6 foot 4×4  … a pax will carry this until we stop for our routine the pax carrying the “cross” is exempt from the routine and also does not need to use whichever pattern of travel chosen ( choose safest ) we would generally speaking go 2000-3000 yards each path using mosey, Nur, karaoke right and then left, lunge and even some bear crawl. All would get their chance while I would shoulder at the end to bring back having set out at the first as well. 
the routine was simple 

3 burpees

7 hand release merkins

12 merkins

40 flutters count one side 

Figured it out yet?

each number has great significance in the Bible repeating many times over …. There are a few others that have some smaller significance but I chose to use only these

1 is for the one true God … our Father and Creater ( beam)

3 is the Holy Trinity, the number of nails

7 ( days of the week also it is seen at the number of perfection and don’t forget th Walls of Jericho

12 … apostles, 12 months 

40 Forty days Moses was on Mt Sinai, 40 years in the desert , Satan tempts Christ 40 days

these are but a sampling 

at one point Time Frame extols knowledge of the beast and his number and how he tries unsuccessfully to replace God

i timed the moments when I would speak to take place as a brief rest instead of a 10 count … I also intended one of these to have been where would talk to the ( invisible) FNG about the 5 points

also of note 

we would stop for 6   Eight count man makers as 6 is the number of man 

lastly as we arrive back Stroganoff would ( as Time Frame put it) be in orbit , running around Pelicans as we did 5 minutes of Mary 

Ameeican hammers, flutters , v ups, Hillbillies, Michael Phelps and I would end us with Superman switching to Iron Man 

Bunker week 2 at the Yank led this week by Rudolph giving a 101 course 

Blood Drive

Murph Memorial Day 7:00 all other AO s open 

EZ Rider and Clavin actively seeking to turn over reins in near future ( hint hint wink wink…. Could be you!)

prayers for Turtleman and EZ rider families

thank you men ( special note Clavin and EZ Rider sporting the new badass shirts for Labyrinth)