• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/06/2021
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard (R), Dr. Seuss (R), Blart, Wojo, Broke (R), Slaw, Mayor, Purple Haze (R), Oompa Loompa (R), Freight

I was a little nervous about posting to Midoriyama but I took the Q so at least I would be in control of what we would be doing. You see it was exactly a year ago that I tore my meniscus. I’m sure most of you are tired of me bringing this up, but it’s fun to remind Freight that it was his Q of a Def Leppard WOD that I like to blame as the cause. Hopefully on May 6, 2021, there would be no serious injuries sustained. I offered a brief disclaimer as the circled gathered but not sure how many heard it as several continued socializing. Time to take control:


  • Goofballs 22.5 in cadence – why 22.5? multiple the cadence count and you get 45. Why 45? It’s the Big Cheese’s 45th Birthday – but since he couldn’t Q, he didn’t post and was finishing off leftover cheese dip from Cinco De Mayo and eating Cheesecake with 45 candles (or so I’d like to believe).
  • Toy Soldier IC x 10
  • Imperial Walker IC x 10 (I asked Def Leppard to demo, he declined and said he’d get me back in MC later)
  • Don Quixote IC x 10
  • Squats IC x 10
  • 5 Burpees OYO (because SA says it’s not a real workout without burpees)
  • Pledge

For me, normally the pledge is the break between Warm-up and Thang. But I kept the PAX in the circle for Mary to begin:

  • Flutter Kicks IC x 20
  • Elbow Plank – fold opposite arm on ear forming acute triangle, touch elbow to ground for oblique crunch; 15 IC left side then flapjack to 15 IC right – lots of complaining
  • Remain in elbow plank – more oblique work – right elbow plank, touch right hip to ground and back IC x 15; flapjack – more groans
  • Both elbows on ground – R/L hip rollovers – this is a crowd pleaser, especially following the oblique work
  • Last one – V-hold – how long well that depended on the PAX, once all got into a V-hold, I began a silent count…then asked Broke for a 10 count…PAX thought it was over then, oh but it wasn’t: keep your form – Def Leppard, another 10 count, now relax.

Having assured some core work was completed we could mosey to Field 2, or I think it was #2 – the set of two large soccer fields on the right side as you approach the end of the parking lot. Find the bleachers for some strength and cardio:

  • Dips/Derkins/Shoulder Taps (SC) all x 10; run width of the soccer field and return
  • Dips/Derkins/Shoulder Taps (SC) all x 20; run width of the soccer field and return
  • Dips/Derkins/Shoulder Taps (SC) all x 30; run width of the soccer field and return

Next circuit:

  • Turtle Crunches (legs 90 degrees on bleachers) x 10; run width of field squats x 10
  • Turtle Crunches (legs 90 degrees on bleachers) x 20; run width of field squats x 20

Move to Field #4 (to the one of the left side of the parking lot). I brought my recycling bin that had various empty aluminum cans or plastic bottles. Some may have contained alcohol at one point. PAX began various guesses as to if the bin was a week or month worth. I asked the PAX to grab an empty bottle or can and line up at the end line of the soccer field. Time to pick on Leppard again – “Have you ever played ‘Kick the Can?'” He responded ‘no’ but didn’t sound confident. I’ve heard of the game which is a form of hide and seek and capture the flag. This idea came to me during the afternoon planning the Weinke – here is the F3 version. Put your can on the end line, kick it as far as you like. Run to the can, do 1 Hand-Release Merkin & 1 Monkey Humper, run back to the end line then toward the can and kick it again and chase to then do 2 HR Merkin and 2 MH’s, back to the end line and continue up the field. This created an individual suicide with increasing strength work. Congrats to Slaw, Freight, Seuss, and Wojo for crossing the opposite end line. Maybe some others did that I didn’t catch – I apparently wasn’t as good at kicking my can, but I got to 14 reps – which was the point to increase the reps and maintain the cardio.

Put the cans back in my bin and mosey to start where we had 3 minutes remaining. Didn’t want the PAX to get short-changed on their free workout. We finished with more Mary – Freddie Mercury IC x 30, Butterfly Big Boys SC x 20, Crunch Frog SC x 20 – TIME!

Announcements: Amoeba Ruck May 22 – build your team, sign up; May 22 new Pain Lab at TFY; Blart claims his dentist is providing toothbrushes and toothpaste for Freight’s service project – stay tuned. Congrats to Slaw as the new Midoriyama Site Q – this shows if you beat someone over the head enough, they’ll eventually succumb. No word if PAX will be required to post shirtless with tassels – check your pre-blast before posting for proper attire.

Prayers: Sister Act & 2.0, Big Pappy, Slim Shady’s Dad, Turtleman. I took us out.

Moleskin: Though Kick the Can is a game, it’s also a shortened expression of “Kick the can down the road” that originated over 80 years ago when law makers would postpone decisions. I am certainly guilty of this practice in work, honey-do list and other areas of my life. For the first time (stemming from Q-Source discussions) I chose a word for this year which is “NOW” as a reminder to take care of things as the arise and not delay or at least better prioritize. Moving into the 5th month of the year, I find myself needing a reminder of my word so somehow the game or exercise of “Kick the Can” will give me a kick in the ass so I don’t get complacent. But that is a large part of what our brotherhood does for one another – accountability. SYITG.