• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/06/2021
  • AO: The Pub
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sargento, Broke, JJ, Termite, Waterboy, Clavin

Today’s BB is in recognition of Sargento’s birthday.  Before we go there, here is what we did.

The route today was all flat.  Gaston Day towards New Hope, left on  E. Perry, right on Lee, left on New Hope, right on Armstrong, right on Armstrong and back home to the Pub.  It was easy.

Now as far as Sargento, he arrived extremely early by his standards.  He had maybe 4 minutes to spare when he pulled in on a slightly cooler morning.  He was suffering from the patented bed head.  He has graced F3 Gastonia for going on 6 years and we are forever grateful for his leadership.  He is a fine family man and example to follow and is always a lot of fun to be around and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  His playlists are special (except the Cinco De Mayo music he played during Purple Haze’s Q at the Ricky Bobby yesterday)

To be honest, no one realized it was Sargento’s birthday this morning as he didn’t say anything about it.  #Humble

Had we known, perhaps the Q would have let Sargento decide the Pub route today, as long as it didn’t involve sidewalks that end in mud.  Perhaps Dr. Seuss would have been there, or perhaps other Pub regulars would have been there.  Maybe we would have even sung Happy Birthday to him.  No one really knows why the numbers were down today, but if we don’t have at least ten PAX next week, YHC is going to reach out to 1FQ Guy, whoever he is, to enforce attendance.

On this day, there were prayer requests for Turtleman, Big Pappy, Sister Act, and Slim Shady’s dad.

There is one praise request, and that is for the big cheeser himself, the one and only Sargento.  Happy Birthday my friend.