• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/04/2021
  • AO: The Storm
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Pilgrims Progress, BOS, Oblivious, Boudin, Watts Up ( R), Flintstone, Pillager, Sargento, Buckshot, Nutria, Vidal Sassoon, Clampett, Oberon, Dr Seuss (R)

With 15 seconds to go, Sargento asks why I’m wearing the wrong socks ( red white and mostly blue compression). I’m puzzled so he replies, “ May the Fourth be with you!” Well, I suppose my nerd card will need to be revoked. Totally missed that one I did, hmm?
Watts up suddenly chimes in with excitement that it’s time to start …. Thankfully I personally have the ONLY acceptable time keeping device for this morning and LOOK, It’s NOW time!
Brief disclaimer as we are all F3 announce I am not a professional … inform all to seek Sargento as he says he is one during his one month tour.
Butt kickers IC x 20
Merkins IC X 12
Mtn climbers IC x 15
Plank jacks IC x 15
Whew…. Lotta counting ( considered adding ski abs here … but if Demo didn’t want to disrupt rhythm … they come later)
Announce that at all speed humps …. 5 burpees ( insert thunderous applause)
Oh look … a speed hump and then another ( someone kept trying to give schematic drawings from the city planners that these were sidewalks… but they end at the curb?)
Circle up and space evenly in circle ,,, remember your space and bear crawl around to starting point …. Making a line.
Now for the fun part of today’s beat down …. Call an exercise ( wisely remember that next May be worse) and run perimeter
Werkins, merkins, crunchy frogs, MNC, large arm circles and others called … interestingly enough it was Dr Seuss with the burpees call. Somewhere during all this my phone buzzed with alerts as if it was 18 hours ago and we were once again facing thunder storms and tornado warnings…. No …. Wait ….. someone admits to having had chili last night….
Clean up on aisle six!!
This was introduced by Whoopee a while back … just as enjoyable now as then!

that was our circle

mosey around front of school to find another speed hump and then little later we need to add a speed hump …. Many enjoyed me using the Q power to install one

next we nur up the hill from one traffic circle to the other feel  that burn!!

at upper circle we create a square using 4 corners technique of the 4 road directions and here is where I insert the ski abs giving full demo 


plank jacks 

flutters ( count one side)

aforementioned ski abs 

all set to 50!

breather and reset … ask what’s missing ?

a triangle!!!

25 hand release merkins

25 crunchy frogs

25Little Gumby in the woods ( Squat straddle hop) .. call it whatever 

Oh…. And 5 burpees for the train 

monkey humpers facing non existent traffic IC x 20

5 more burpees ( told that’s the same train… asked for proof … non was provided)

mosey to bottom entrance  and 10 Mike Tysons OYO

25 lbcs

20 squats

Dr Seuss conducts class on the proper elegant form that must be maintained …. Even had a video at the ready!!

several more burpees at several more “traffic sidewalk humps”

I even mention at one of them that I’m feeeling generous …. So only do 5 burpees!!

at last one …. Is that another train? Choice is given … 5 burpees for the train or for the hump…

circle at start for small Mary

Freddy Mercuries x 20

LBCS x 20

finish with 5 burpees for the train all wanted to ignore

Pilgrims Progress and BOS would ruck today making sure not to aggravate ankle soreness from weekend ruck

Amoba ruck coming

Memorial Day Murph 7:00 Sandlot all other AOs normal schedule 

new Bulldog/ Pain Lab style workout 5/15 Yank

dads F3 signups

toothpaste and tooth brushes monthly collection

Purple Haze at TRB or Stiny Bird at  Labyrinth ( choices choices … post somewhere)

lastly great group of men who really went after it, while there was mumble chatter they plowed through what I had like it was butter and I want to give a BIG shout out to our newest Site Qs like Pilgrims Progress and Flintstone who have greatly embraced their roles and you can see the enthusiasm they  have!