• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/04/2021
  • AO: Bulldog
  • QIC: Linus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hippa, WideRight, Spiderman, Hermie

Beautiful morning, quiet Pax.  Many cars arrived right at start time, none of which were missing Pax.  Five of us total, 5:30 and time to go.

I need to stretch more than anyone in F3 but it’s never been my go to start.  A few ham and shoulder stretches to start, quick disclaimer and no pledge (got it at the end).

Jump to 4 corners:  repeat each as you move forward, rinse and repeat at corner 4.

1st corner:  10 merkins

2nd corner:  20 squats

3rd corner:  30 LBC

4th corner:  40 flutters

Round 2:

CDD’s, Bobby Hurley, Freddie Mercury, Mtn. climbers.  Rinse and repeat was modified on return

Round 3:

25’s of each and repeating each as moving forward.



6″ (after Homer/Marge hold 6″ for 25 seconds)

American Hammer

Somewhere in the midst of our agony my Weinke is missing.  Spiderman decides to go in search and rescue mode.  Somewhere during this time I think he got lost reminiscing the hallways recalling his first school girl kiss.  He ultimately comes back feeling happy and smooth but no weinke.  As we carry on, Hermie picks up on Spider’s aesthetic aspirations and he too ventures to the hallways in search of my missing weinke.  Since the last visual I had of Hermie was him vomiting into the trash (spitting) and I noticed him gone I gave him a shout to see if he was in trouble!!!  Wide-Right who was to my left and had a Hermie optic delcared he was fine maybe a little too free of tension and anxiety as he too was reminiscing about his first school girl kiss while searching the halls for my weinke, yet he came back triumphant!  Seemingly there was a lot of incoming school traffic today and somebody picked up my weinke.  I think there was an agenda going on amongst the teachers regarding a widespread interest into what the ‘blank’ is a Freddie Mercury.  I’m guessing they gave up on trying to crack the code and decided to just leave it or give it back.   Or, it’s possible Hermie had to wrestle and grapple with a menopausal Librarian while clinging to her readers (she’s probably still panting from excitement); or maybe he was just sweating from the workout, only Hermie knows, but we had a few happy guys this morning.  Reckon I’m getting a little excited just typin…..

well, let’s move on:

Triple Nickel

Merkin/Bear Crawl out a distance/squats – Mosey back (5 reps each, 5 times)

Plank/holds:  1/2 pax lunge out a distance, balance hold plank until return.

Rinse and repeat, time.


5/15:  Belmont, new A/O low/no impact


Nation, first responders

Enjoyed today, thanks for the opportunity to lead.