• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 05/01/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, Linus (R), Stroganoff (R)

Last year I was on for Gashouse Q on a rare Saturday off from work and had a great Weinke lined up ..and then all $&@ broke loose and F3 was on hold ….. so I had this gem stored away On the top shelf hoping not to be forgotten.
Yesterday had me texting Linus and I realized he had asked for a Q today …… well no better time than the present as they say!
Announce that today I feel like a Bond villain or perhaps a villain from a B rate spy movie …. More on that …..
Speaking of movies ….. “ in the words of everyone’s favorite cowboy …..Reach for the Skyyyyyyy!” We raise arms over head and would lean back , right and left and then ….” There’s a snake in my boot!” Reaching down to our toes.

Plank position for 16 IC merkins
I’m feeling generous so we stay in plank for 12 plank jacks IC
Imperial Walkers IC 10x
SSH IC x 10

Are there any who will be doing Pain Lab , I ask.
Some slight mumble to which I say , “ Not today!! You’re still with me!” More grumbles to which I say , “ No joke, follow me!” Unbeknownst to all I approached Double Stuf early to lay ground work on this asking if he was ok with me high jacking another 5 minutes off him.
We went to amphitheater for something Rudolph showed a while back
Bear crawl up small ramp and bear crawl top level crab walk next side lunge one direction and then next each level and finish with bear crawl …. Then plank for the six.
Thankfully I only lost balance once on way up for all to film and enjoy! Im sure that blooper reel will be forthcoming.
I NOW ask again are there any takers for boot camp ….. suddenly most are willing to stay for Pain Lab so I say , “ that’s all right, I didn’t want y’all anyway!”
In truth im glad they showed and hope they enjoyed my little ‘stunt’.
Stroganoff had moseyed over to the track so we would detour to check on his status for which he said he was good.
So we are now the Three Amigos! Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase!
Or, Clavin, Linus and JJ. Interestingly today’s theme is ……. 3
We would go to the steps behind First Presbyterian and tap each step once
Over to benches for abyss merkins 10 count 3 times through …. This is where mutinies began and talk of deep wells …. I started getting nervous ….
Back to steps and double tap each step….
Now over to the main event … BAH BAH BAHHHHH!!!!
The hill in front of the old hospital …? I asked Linus last year if anyone had ever used this he said either Freight or Sargento maybe ….
My sister in law is getting married today and her oldest , my nephew as chance would have it had a favorite story growing up …. The Three Billy Goats Gruff

bear crawl up to tarmac … had planned on crab walk down and chose to magnanimously change to crab walk to tree mosey to crest of hill and crab walk rest of hill …. Suddenly references were made that I was perhaps Gru and JJ does a really good impression! 
next up same theme as we perform 3 burpees and lunge walk 10 paces  all the way up and yes! ALL THE WAY DOWN!

3 merkins and mosey to approximation of ten lunges all the way up and down 

finish with 3 flutters each side ( or six total) nur up hill approximate again up and down 

run back ending up 1 minute late ( sue me) 

announcements for new Pain Lab Bulldog style workout beginning 5/15 at the Yank

Ameoba ruck

Fuse event tonight 

prayers for law enforcement ( esp Watauga county) 

GSM and Dr Lesslie families 

much thanks to all who participated today … I enjoyed this and am glad to have stepped up … thank you Linus and Double Stuf