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  • QIC: Huckleberry
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  • PAX: Gumby, Sparky, Medicine Woman, Shingle, Snowman (fng), Gomer

december is here.  another month the Lord has blessed us with. another month to become better.  better physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  better men, better husbands and better fathers.

this day brought an fng to us.  7 men total resisted the fart sack and the hunting stand to take their DRP.  brief disclaimer: i’m an idiot, you are also an idiot.  i am definitely not a professional.  i’ll give suggestions, follow at your own discretion.  5:30 hit (5:29) according to medicine woman and it was time to clock in.

warmups: cdd, flutter kicks and imperial walkers all x 15IC

the thang

mosey the long way to the other parking lot.  partner up, size does not matter.  dora-ish 123.  p1 will complete all of their exercises will p2 makes laps around the parking lot.  exercises were 100 squats, 200 mountain climbers and 300 lbc.  took a little longer than anticipated, omaha to 200 lbc.

mosey over to the amphitheater. bttw ring of fire-ish. all pax hold bttw. one at a time, bear crawl to the end and do five burpees.  mumble chatter was lively here.

another round of dora-ish 123.  p1 exercises, p2 donkey kicks.  exercises were 50 morracan nightclubs, 100 calf raises and 150 over head claps.

mosey back to the launching point in time for 15 ssh, 22 merkins for the vets and the pledge.  time.

cot.  announcements: gashouse convergence december 17.  after Christmas party January 7.  men’s retreat in march: contact sparky or freight.  prayer requests: each other.  bom: sparky took us out.

nice work, men.  i appreciate the opportunity to not only q, but just to be around you guys.  this is definitely more than just a workout group.  strong bonds are forming, shields are being locked.  aye!

Philippians 4:13