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  • When: 11/10/16
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  • QIC: Def Leppard
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  • PAX: Slaw, Ash Pond, Edison, Billy Madison, Freight, Oompa Loompa (Respect), Blart, Def Leppard.

Eventually, 8 strong at Midoriyama as our workouts shift to darkness. I say eventually because Blart had called ahead to announce his tardiness. YHC also having a list of events conspiring to keep me behind schedule with no printed Weinke so I rolled in at 17:28 to get things started. Let me mention here to be careful on the F3 gear website. I had ordered a nice red F3 shirt in XL as I like a looser fitting shirt and evidently “Race Fit” means 2 sizes smaller. As I change clothes at work I quickly noticed this shirt size problem so I apologize to the Men of Midoriyama for having to witness me in a snug fitting “Schmedium” but its not quite as bad now as it used to be before F3!

Warm Up

SSH x 20

Moroccan Night Clubs for a minute or so

Imperial Walkers x 20

Mountain Climbers x 15

22 Merkins for the Veterans, called by our own Veterans, Slaw (Navy) and Oompa Loompa (Marines)

The Pledge

The Thang

Mosey to the playground for 55’s

5 Chinups or Pullups then 5 Derkins x 3 sets

Mosey to the dark soccer field for The Gopher borrowed from a back blast I read from Death Valley in South Charlotte. Blart’s finally here in some nice work pants which is where the “Chafing” comes from.

Partner Up, P1 runs a lap while P2 does 10 dips on the bleachers, 10 flutter kicks and 10 curls with half blocks. Both partners meet back at the soccer goal for 10 merkins then flapjack. There was a little confusion about who was running where but after a few minutes, we got it going and I believe we got through about 5 rounds. I was kind of thinking it would be a competition to see who would get the most rounds but we all managed to meet at the soccer goal for our merkins together so it was all good!

Mosey back to the Turd Shack for Hip Slappers x 5 IC with Mike Tyson’s x 10 IC, 3 sets, Ouch!

Back to the flag for 6 Minutes of Mary. Skipping Slaw due to his obsession with burpees, Billy Madison called American Hammers, and get this x 50 single count. Edison was next so, of course he called American Hammers x 50 single count also! Freight called LBFC’s times a bunch, that’s Little Baby Flutter Crunches, Blart called Merkins x 25, Ash Pond called Sandy V’s x 20 and time was up. There was also discussion of Ash Pond’s beard as it is reaching the level of King Leonidas of Sparta with Edison’s very close as well. M’s may soon have something to say about those things!

Announcements – Each guy present will be at CSAUP and looking forward to it. My M did ask me this week “Isn’t that Completely Stupid thing this weekend?” Yes it is. Whoopee’s 2.0 collecting canned food and drinks for a good cause.

COT – Prayer requests, Billy Madison’s In-Laws, Floppy Disk’s M, Lil Sweet’s niece.

Moleskin – I am reading “Freed to Lead” by Dredd and OBT and just got through the Sad Clown definition portion and that is good reading. Freight has on his Twitter bio that he is a Recovering Sad Clown and that is an awesome way to describe things before F3 and getting into shape. As we were doing a lap during the Gopher Freight talked about buying donuts for the veterans he works with. Just one of the kinds of things F3 PAX might do, but he also talked about having to be careful not to eat too many of those donuts. I understand that perfectly as I too love to eat and have to be careful on a daily basis not to fall into bad habits. I like to say “Keep Striving” and that just means a push to be a better person each day! Thanks to the F3 Gastonia and Midoriyama PAX for that push! Happy Veterans Day to Slaw and Oompa Loompa and all veterans for allowing freedom to happen!