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  • When: 11/08/2016
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  • QIC: Pizza Man
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  • PAX: Edison, Freight, Ash Pond, Blart, Def Leppard (RESPECT), Billy Madison, Stroganoff, JK2, Slaw, Oompa Loompa, Huckleberry, Pizza Man(QIC)

12 PAX showed up for the first workout at Midoriyama after the time change.  With it being election day Q wanted to get everyone ready to see who the 45th president was going to be so 45 would be the theme of the workout. It went like this…



Squats X 20 IC

SV’s X 5 IC

Then mosey to the soccer field


The PAX lined up on the end line and did 1 set of exercises then ran to the center of the field and did 5 burpees then run back.  We did each set 3 times for a total of 9 sets.  The exercises were….

Set 1:

Merkins X 20

LBC’s X 20

Pull-Ups X 5

Total-45 Reps

Set 2:

CDD’s X 20

Flutter’s X 20

Pull-Ups X 5

Total-45 Reps

Set 3:

Military or Diamond Merkins X 20

American Hammer’s X 20

Pull-Ups X 5

Total-45 Reps

Number of burpees- 5 after each set X 9 sets=45 Total

With 15 mins left it was time for a little cardio fun.  The Gashouse Nomads traveled to Isotope this past weekend and experienced ultimate Frisbee so the Q decided to incorporate it in his delivery.  It didn’t let me down!! It’s a great feeling when you look around and everyone is smiling and giving it their all at the same time.

Time to mosey back to the flag for 22 merkins for the vets


Announcements: CSAUP- Nov.11-12


Well Pizza Man’s Midoriyama delivery is complete in 45 minutes.  Great work by the PAX and way to push yourselves.  I hope that everyone had fun at least the last 15 minutes.

Always a pleasure to lead a great group of men…Until next time Pizza Man is ooouuuuuuuttttt!!!