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  • When: 10/22/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Slaw, Def Leppard

So I sent out a warning telling you that you weren’t ready to go to the Mustang. I was talking to you. You know who you are! Most accepted this warning( I wish I would have) and only 3 Nomads crossed the River into the heart of metro. The Mustang is located right where it all began. So some of these PAX have been doing this thang for 5 years. A beatdown was to be expected.

As usual during the journey the conversation was ripe. Wisdom was shared( Vasectomy talk) of leasons learned. We were in contact with a usual nomad, Pizza Man, who was off to set a personal best 5K time. Congrats Sir and to your M!

We arrived a little early as we like to do but were unaware of where to park. Usually you just find the cars but as our luck would have it the school had something going on so there was a lot of people around. So as time grew near we had to start circling the school getting weird looks by most. Luckily we found our group just before start time. So before we get to the thang a little side note. When I made the nomad schedule it was just based off of the map and a rotating schedule between some close by regions. I didn’t do any research on the workout. A few days before going Def Leppard mentioned he had been reading BB and noted that some of the workouts had 5+miles. How the hell do you squeeze that in plus exercises in an hour? Well after doing 5 miles and exercises with them I can tell you…..VERY QUICKLY AND YOU DON’T STOP! As someone who favors the mummble chatter this was not the group for me. These guys are all about the work. I didn’t hear hardly any chatter. Well to be fair it was hard to hear anything back at the 6 position I was in. I went into the first task feeling pretty good. Gandolf had the Q and put us on the track where he called 800m SPRINT then 20 merkins and 30 LBC’s. So what I heard was sprint so wanting to represent well that’s what I did. It took about a half a lap for the 800 part to sink in….umm he just said sprint a half a mile! That’s when I knew I was in trouble. That first half a lap was the last time I wasn’t getting the 6 the rest of the day! Slaw and Def Leppard gave it a valiant effort but found themselves picking me up.

This was one of those gut check workouts. You think your pushing the rock then you go somewhere like this and find out you’ve just been leaning against it. All that said everyone there was very welcoming. They pushed us to get better. The AO is great and we had a great time getting know everyone better at the coffeteria. Thank You Brothers! The next time we meet I will probably be going in the opposite direction with the other crowd.