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  • When: 10/18/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hank, Hydrant, Mary Lou, Redskin, Gomer, Dolph, Garfield, Floyd, Medicine Woman

Nine loyal PAX rolled up into the Folsom gloom for a simple beat down this AM. Nothing like the cooler air of the coming fall mornings to get you pumped. YHC didn’t plan a technical or extravagant Q, but all in all, it worked out. With some chatter about election, society, and work we stretch it out to wait for any other non fartsackers. It’s 5:30, so let’s roll.

no FNGs, disclaimer


hillbillies x15 IC, SSH x15 IC

tha thang

very, very, very long mosey up to the tennis courts for what really looked stupid on paper, if it had even been written. Partner up!

P1 will run a lap around the entire tennis court area while P2 performs the exercise. Switch and continue, like some Mary. U know the drill, accumulatively building to the total of each.

100 burpees, 200 Mt climbers, 300 LBCs, back down with 200 Mt climbers, 100 burpees. See, not too bad? Dolph, finishing 20 minutes ahead of the rest as usual decides it’s a good time to catch up on his Yoga while waiting. Once all PAX had completed, we too joined in. Not sure the names, but plank pointers for length of time and switch appendages? Anyways, short BB, but it took the entire 45.

Announcements, CSAUP Crowders ridge Nov. 11


BOM prayers for our country, our families, and ourselves

Great work men! Push The Rock, or burpee! Thankful for the fellowship and encouragement from you guys everyday. Be strong and stay safe!