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  • When: 10-17-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse, Edison, Tiny Tank, The Mayor, Madoff, Top Hat, JK2

Tuesday morning…gloom…work to do…let’s do it. No disclaimer, everybody here is experienced.

Warm Up- Don Quixote x10IC, CDD x10IC, couple other things, can’t remember.


Mosey to the other parking lot. Stop short of the target for a quick example of the Frankenstein walk, arms out, stiff legged steps reaching for your hands. We did this to the next island and then continued the mosey behind the school to a nice hill I’d scoped out on a run.

The Thang

11s – Little Baby Dips at the bottom, Bear Crawl to the top where the PAX did Knerkins and then back down the hill by way of the Crawl Bear. Good work men.

From there we moseyed back around toward the lot we came from for a round of Lindsay (like 11s but higher reps and moving the count by 5 in between). It went like this, on one end we start with 30 reps of LBCs, Frankenstein walk to the other side for 5 reps of Plank Jacks. The PAX went back and forth doing this for a while. The hardest part of this ended up being the never ending Frankensteins. The Mayor’s impersonation of Frankenstein was spot on, Fire Bad!

There was still some time left, so we set up for some Four Corners. Corner 1, 15 squats, mosey to the next corner, 15 merkins, SPRINT to the next corner, 15 lunges each leg, mosey to the next for 15 Peter Parkers then home again. Repeato reducing reps by 5 for two more rounds.

By now we were almost out of time so we walked back to the start for a quick round of Guantanamo.

Announcements- CSAUP

Good work men!