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  • When: 10/11/2016
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  • QIC: Edison
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  • PAX: Huckelberry, Floppy Disk, Lil Sweet, Oompa Loompa (Respect), Blart, Billy Madison, Def Leopard (Respect), Stroganoff, Pizza Man, Freight, Charlie (FNG) Tesla, Edison

11 PAX and my 2.0 came for a workout in absolutely beautiful weather. Sunny and 70 degrees. I was concerned to hear before the workout that at least half of the men there had some sort of injury that would prevent them from doing one exercise or the other. I even heard the term “merkin elbow” used. I assured everyone there would be no running, no merkins, and no squats, well maybe just a few.


SSH x 15IC

Don Quixote x 15IC

Imperial Walkers x 15IC

Merkins x 5IC

LBC’s x 5IC

Squats x 5IC

Lets mosey,

Slow jog to the soccer field where we will do BOMBS.

Partner up, 1 man runs to the other side of the soccer field while the other exercises, counted in aggregate.

B  Burpies x50

O  Overhead claps x 100

M  Merkins x150

B   Bigboy situps x200

S  Squats x250

Mosey back to the flags, the regular shovel flag as well as the ghost flag, for the Pledge.

Everyone grab 2 bricks from the back of the Jeep and lets mosey to the back of the parking lot.

9 parking spaces, each with a exercise written in chalk in it.

CDD x20, brick shoulder press (1 minute), werkins x 20, brick flys (1 minute), MNC’s x 20, brick straight arm raises (1 minute), military merkins x 20, brick triceps (1 minute), merkins x 20, brick curls (1 minute)

Times up.

Somehow we managed to run 2 miles throughout the workout as well.

Announcements: CSAUP, Nomads meeting at 5:30 at the mall

Prayer requests: Floppy Disk’s wife, hurricane victims

It was an honor to lead, I look forward to next time