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2016 Charlotte Marathon and Half Marathon Pre-Blast ** UPDATED w/DISCOUNT CODE

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  • When: 11/12/16
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  • QIC: Matlock, 20/20, & MMOB
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  • PAX: Pax in need of a challenge

** Note: This pre-blast was posted last month, but I think several missed it. Also, after a little back-and-forth with the race director, we were provided with a discount code for 10% off, for anyone who hasn’t already registered. Use: $ubwayBonk (oh wait, that was a previous discount code); instead, use: MAF4Life (no, that won’t work for this, either, slow pokes); for real, use this super-hard to remember code to grab yours: “F3” Also, let MMOB know if you are running. He’s a race ambassador, which means he gets a shirt that says he’s an ambassador. **

The following is a transcript of an actual text message conversation:

Unnamed Pax: Dude, we need you to write a sick pre-blast for the 2016 Charlotte Marathon/Half-Marathon (formerly Thunderroad Marathon).

Matlock: Umm, ok, how do I write a pre-blast for a public race? Do I just paste a link to the race site?

Unnamed Pax: No. << includes link to Freeloader’s 2014 Thunderroad pre-blast >>

Matlock: Oh, Ok, so I need to post the link AND list the instructions to register?

Unnamed Pax: Yes, but … << includes link to Uncle’s 2015 Thunderroad pre-blast >>

Matlock: Got it. So, I also need to post the link to Material Girl’s testimony/recap from 2013 for inspiration?

Unnamed Pax: Basically, and a Coachloader or MountainFishwrap-style whimsical and definitely nonsensical story of fiction without a plot helps it pop. Also, make sure you don’t do this. << includes link to Subway’s BRR pre-blast >>

Matlock: Challenge accepted under one condition, 20/20 has to proofread and spreadsheet anything I need. Basically, you need to force him to be my co-assistant-Q.

Unnamed Pax: I’ll work on him. Bathroom humor and challenges of manhood usually do the trick. Stay tuned.

So, I started digging in and reading the various recaps and comments from the pax from past Thunderroad races. Damn, you guys are encouraging and inspiring … here is a representative sample:

  • “Without doubt, this was the most difficult physical thing I’ve ever done, by far. And definitely the most rewarding. The training, tips, support, running partners and in-race support from F3 made this possible, and race day was a unique and special experience.”
  • “Never would have gone for the full without the training and support that F3 has brought to the table.”
  • “Thanks for waiting for me while I dropped a deuce in the lady’s front yard on mile 6.”
  • “The best part was spending time at the finish together and seeing the effort expended by the pax, and the feeling of accomplishment that we all shared.”
  • “We train ourselves to make the impossible seem possible.”
  • “Does Dredd ever shut up?” … “Never.”

So, I guess this thing does need its own pre-blast. But, why did I accept the challenge to Co-Q? Because I didn’t even know F3 existed the last time I ran this race. Today, the men of F3 are pushing me to shave 4 minutes off my last year’s PR (1:34) to run my first sub 1:30 half. The training and support this group provides is flat out amazing. It’s this group that will help me—and many others—get across the finish line and accomplish something special.

To those already signed up, join the F3 team and use the comments sections on this post to let us know who else is running and throw out a goal time to help us keep you accountable. To those thinking about running it, read the linked posts above and use this group as a way to help you crush this thing.

Sign up for the race, here. Instructions: follow the on-screen instructions. Please note, there is an F3Nation team, which you can join when you sign up. Not sure what that really does for us, but hey why not (also there’s a random “Katherine H.” in this group, which is confusing).

We’ll get another update out closer to the race with any planned meet ups or organized gatherings. Until then, get your 6 to SIB, Sweet 6, 8@8, and Richie. 20/20 has the 8@8 Q for October and will be pre-blasting optional tempo workouts for your benefit. You know, co-assistant-Q stuff.

Kisses and well wishes,



  1. JRR Tolkien

    Reading all this and no discount code… Smh

  2. Fishwrap

    “I wish I knew how to quit you!” said Someday never #BrokeBack

    Classic schadenfreude opportunity at the Charlotte (½) Marathon 2016 when @ Someday (in his 17th consecutive attempt) goes for his sub130. I love @ Someday, but nothing will give me more pleasure than seeing him bail at mile 12. I’m kidding and take that back. I understand the importance of it. It’s not altogether important to me, but it is important to him. It’s very important to him. It’s not important to me at all. It’s actually insignificant to me. Considering this, I have decided to go sub130 on the backside of the full just to f*ck with him.

    @ Someday, it’s your year. Go get it.

    @ Matlock, that’s all you, my man. Draft 20/20 through 12, then drop the hammer on Mint and smoke his ass to the finish #Lean

    Between now and then, make time for the old in-out, in-out @ Clockwork Orange.

  3. 20/20

    Goal: 1:29:59 or a painful slow drudge through the finish. No stopping 😉

    Btw, Subway won’t be making a 1:30 attempt the weekend after the NYC marathon… at least I can’t imagine he will

  4. Fishwrap

    Oh, that’s right. Cool, I can offer an additional six months of encouragement #CorporateCup2017

  5. Subway

    Trying to go Sub 1:28:00 at #CorporateCup2017. 1:30:00 is so yesterday (even though I haven’t broke it yet).

    Hopefully, #Lean doesn’t DQ me.

    Peace be with (most of) you,

    • Freeloader

      Just finish. Then we will decide if you need to be DQd for having someone run the hard miles for you.

  6. Checkpoint

    OK, I have FOMO so I am going to sign up for something that day. Just not sure what distance yet. To be determined…

    • Cindy

      1K is probably enough for you

      • Checkpoint

        I am HC and registered. Thanks to Cindy bullying his elders I am opting for 42K. Hopefully age and experience are more valuable than speed and long runs….

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