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  • When: 10/08/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: huckleberry
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: gumby, pizza man, roadie, medicine woman

5 men braved the weather and take their DRP. no fngs, 0630 hits and it’s time to clock in.

weather: 64 degrees, rainy and wet.

warmups: cdd x 20, squats x 10 and toy soldiers x 15 all IC

quick mosey to the nearest turd shack for 25 donkey kicks and 25 plank jacks. rinse and repeat.

mosey to the building nearest to the highway for 50 plank squat and 50 merkins.  it was during the plank jacks that yhc heard “this is stupid” for the first time.  side note: pizza man was doing mike tyson instead of just planks; contributing to the suck.

mosey across the highway to the walmart parking lot for 75 morracan nightclubs and 75 calf raises.  during the start of the calf raises, roadie mentions this would be better on the curb.  so we moved and started over.  more mumble chatter about stupidness.  rinse and repeat.

mosey back to the building nearest the highway to repeat the 50 merkins and plank squats. more mumble chatter.

mosey to the turd shack for 100 lbc and 100 flutter kicks.  repeat with 100 lbc and 100 rosalitas.  more stupid mumble chatter.

mosey to the amphitheater for some rocky balboas, dips, derkins, incline merkins.  we tried a new variation of ring of fire. all held BTTW and one by one the pax bear crawled to the end of the amphitheater.  stupid.  we repeated but this time adding 5 burpees at the end of the amphitheater.   more mumble chatter.   ten merkin ring of fire.

mosey back to the launching point for the pledge and 22 merkins to honor our vets.  TIME

COT – announcements: CSAUP. prayer requests: hampton family, each other, YHC’s co-worker, our brothers on the IR.

BOM: yhc took us out.

always an honor to be amongst you men.  until next time.

philippians 4:13