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  • When: 10-8-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Squiche, Edison, Tiny Tank, Gilligan, Norwood, Flush, Jim Cantore (FNG)

Everybody knew it would be a mess for today’s workout. Despite nonstop rain and wind, 8 strong men still made it out in the gloom this Saturday morning. On top of that, most of them got a run in before the workout. They can’t be stopped! To top it off, an FNG posted in this crap, that guy means business!

With the FNG present, a full disclaimer was given for his benefit. YHC also told the PAX that he’d done his best to put together a hurricane/beach/weather/water workout. We’ll see…

Warm Up: Sun Gods x15 IC, Doggie Paddles x10 IC, CDD x15 IC, Air Squared x15 IC

Mosey to the parking lot behind the old town jail for the Crab Platter (name to be approved later). In a triangle pattern, the PAX would perform 15 Crab Cakes IC, Crab Walk to the next corner for 15 Crab Humpers IC (chuckles abound). Crab Walk to the last corner for 15 Crab Jacks IC. Delicious!!!

Mosey from there up main street to the new parking lot at Nellie’s for the BLIMPS (related to weather balloons, that’s my story at least). Here the PAX would complete 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks and 30 Squats all OYO and then plank for the 6.

Mosey down the road to the alley where Rivermen Brewing will reside hopefully soon so we can exercise some 12 ounce curls in a 2nd F fashion.

It’s time for the Hurricane Hoedown!!! This is an IC countdown routine of several varieties of flutterkicks (Stroganoff would love it). Starting with a round of 7 IC, the PAX would perform Seated Flutterkicks, then Hands Behind Flutters, then Reclined Flutters, then regular Flutters and finally LBC Flutters (the worst!). We counted down from 7 to 1 for a total or 28 of each variation, BRUTAL. The best part was in our last few sets, the postal carriers loading up their trucks for the day’s work started chanting us on in cadence to the end of the routine and then on our way back out the alley. AYE!!!

From there we moseyed around the corner to the parking lot of Walk Run for a the WASH (cause we were dirty). Here the PAX paired up and would complete in aggregate 100 Werkins, 100 American Hammers, 200 Step Ups and 200 Hillbillies. While partner 1 did the exercises the other went out and back doing Fiddler Crabs, then Bear Crawl, Lunges and maybe something else, I can’t remember. The FNG was feeling the effects of the workout now and was doing everything he could to keep his Merlot down and he did. Atta boy! By the end of this YHC was smoked so we took a slow fellowship mosey across the street.

The last stop was to study the effect of Global Warming on our bodies! The PAX would hold the Al Gore for 60 seconds then switch to do 15 dips IC. Back to the Al Gore for 30 seconds and a finale of 15 Monkey Humpers IC for the passing traffic. Mosey back down the street where we’d started.

Namorama, welcome Jim Cantore! YHC was called out the after making the obligatory statement of “Tell us about yourself” and I then went off that script and threw out the obvious need to call him Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel since his first post was in a hurricane. YHC accepts the responsibility for this move but with a majority vote, the name stood. Q’s call, right?

Prayer requests: All those dealing with the hurricane. I can’t remember the rest. Sorry.

It was a unusual day and I appreciate all the hard work out there today men. You make it easier to come out here on days like this!