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  • When: 09/28/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Women
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gomer, Huckleberry, Floyd, Hank, Medicine Woman

6 Pax rolled into the Folsom gloom. I’ve always noticed the quantity of street lights within the park, especially after Garfield gave me an idea a few days earlier during his Q.  No one coming in hot so let’s do it.

no FNG so Disclaimer


SSH X15 IC, HILLBILLIES X15 IC, Don Quiote X15 IC, Stretch to right foot for 10 count, left foot for 10 count, then middle for 10 count.


tha thang

mosey to the first street light, stop, all exercises will be in the quantity of 20 each, YHC asks Gomer for an exercise, Merkins OYO, mosey to the next light for Huckleberry’s turn, big boy sit-ups OYO, then to the next for Hank, burpees OYO, mosey tot the next for Floyd’s Flutter Kicks IC, mosey to the next light for my own call, Good Mornings IC, now that you get the idea: Gomer-overhead claps IC; Huckleberry-Little baby dips IC; Hank-burpee OYO, at this time I want to address the fact that Hank had reason behind his choice of exercise; Floyd-mountain climbers IC; MW- LBC IC; Gomer-air presses IC; Hank-yes-burpees OYO, which Hanks mumble chatters something about talking trash about the Panthers losing, which resulted in Burpees; Huckleberry-Mike Tysons IC; Floyd-flutter kicks IC; MW-monkey Humpers IC; Gomer-French fries IC; Hank-SSH Burpees OYO; MW-ring of Fire merkins 10 each.



nice work men! Note to self, “no mocking the Panthers prior to any Q of Hank!”