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  • When: 10/06/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gomer, Mayor, Hank, Garfield, Dolph, Roadie, Gumby, Medice Woman

8 Pax rolled up into the nice cool air of the Folsom AO this AM. Gotta love when the humidity dies down and the fresh cool air has you feeling a little nippley. Anyway, the Park has already become a full time campground due to the hosting of the Cotton Ginning Days event. These guys must be dedicated! I was a little worried about the possibility of awakening some of these hard core folk, but we carried on as usual. 5:30 and it’s time.

no FNGs


SSH x15 IC, Hillbillies x15 IC, Monkey Humpers x15 IC, those were for the ole guy who woke up and stepped out his camper to see what the crap we were doing. No reaction so let’s mosey.


tha thang

we make it to the horse arena for some of my favorites, box jump up the 5 steps of the concrete bleachers for 10 burpees, down the back up for 10 squats, down then back up for 10 Merkins, down for 15 dips on the bottom step IC. Mosey on around to the upper lot for some fast pace side steps across then back from curb to curb, then lunge walk curb to curb. 10 burpees OYO, LBC x15 IC. Mosey to another popular area of the AO, tennis courts to partner up for some Mary. P1 runs distance across all courts to the fence and back while P2 does Merkins, rotate for a total of 50, then the same with 100 squats, then the same with 150 LBCs. Next up is the use of the four corners, Mayor brought to our attention that there were four corners within “one” tennis court alone, nah we doing all 7 courts outside corners. 4 exercises 5 count each OYO at each corner, run to each corner, exercises were burpees, squats, LBCs, and Merkins. I notice we have a few minutes and we haven’t made it to my goal of at least 2 miles of running, so we line up for a good run of suicides using the width of each court t the end and back. Awesome, that actually put us at 2.3 miles total! We did our best t recruit some Ginners, but without success!

Csaup, Crowders ridge, November 11th.


thanks guys for another chance to Q! Pushing the rock may not get easier, but it sure does bring the strength!