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  • QIC: Hushpuppy
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  • PAX: Squirt, Bandit, T square, Bacon, Whoopee, Spiderman, Hushpuppy

Moleskin: It’s Monday, it’s early, the Q wishes he could have fartsacked, but glad he didn’t.

The pledge was made and the Disclaimer was given, and the warmup began:


Appalachian Americans (Hillbilly’s) 15 IC

Plank for the Low, Slow Merkin, x 10 IC

Peter Parker’s IC X 10


Short mosey to the rock farm in front of KFC to gather some coupons.

Slightly longer mosey to Martha’s parking lot for tha thang.

Tha Thang:

Lunge walk from Island to Island, squat at each parking space line (modified zombie walk) with the coupon.  Leave the coupon and bear crawl back, merkin at each parking space.  Rinse and repeat.

Pick up the coupon and mosey to the other end of the parking lot.  The lot is unusally dark this morning.  YHC intended to do some swing set crunches and pull-ups but with no ambient light it may have been a bit dangerous.  We found a spot under a lamp post, set down the coupons and did 6 minutes of Mary and each PAX called a workout.  Good creativity, not the same old exercises.

Next was curb work with Rocky Balboas holding the coupon, then diamond merkins, then repeat.

Under the shelter, on the picnic tables for weighted dips (rock on the lap) and step ups, repeat 3X IC.

Mosey to the field house between the baseball fields for hip slappers and shoulder taps.  YHC asked for help with the cadence since he can’t count when his 6 is above his head.  Thanks for the help gentlemen. Mosey to the road, down the sidewalk and to the park entrance for some monkey humpers X 10 IC.  Mosey back to the rock farm to return the coupons, and then back to Snoballs.  No incidents with cars and everyone returned safe.  With 4 minutes remaining YHC called the peoples chair while each pax ran 1 lap around the building.  8 men, 4 minutes we finished just on time.


Announcements: The Climb CSAUP, Travel group had a great time capturing the ghost flag which is currently at Folsom.   Saturday the 8th the Travel group will converge with other regions for the Monroe Launch.

Prayer requests: Bandit’s mother and T-square’s youngest need our prayers.