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  • When: 09/22/16
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This workout is a tribute to the M for 29 years of marriage. As I thought about all we have been through, the “Ups” and “Downs”, I decided it would be a chance to help the younger Pax as they journey with their M’s. I decided we would tour Midoriyama and at each stop I would announce a year and whether that year was an “Up” or a “Down” year due to events that happened in our family. I am not going to list all of the family events I mentioned as most are personal and kind of difficult for a softie like me to talk about. F3 has the Rings of Concentrica with the M as the most important relationship we have with anyone, so here goes.

Modified Whoopee Warm Up

SSH IC x 5, let’s mosey!


We would mosey at intervals of approximately a tenth of a mile around the outside of the soccer and softball fields and then exercise, you guessed it, 29 reps, some single count and some In Cadence. We wound up with 1.5 miles and well over 400 reps of various exercises.

Hill behind horseshoes, 1987, “Got married”, Decline Merkins, single count x 29.

Hill beside Field #4, 1990, “Son born”, Sea Turtles, single count x 29.

Field #4 left side, 1993, Mexican Squats, single count x 29.

Road side before soccer field, 1994, CDD’s single count x 29.

Hill near first soccer field, 1996, “Daughter born”, Hillbillies single count x 29.

Hill at the end of soccer parking lot, 1997, Freddie Mercury’s single count x 29.

Hill near dog park, 1999, Clock Merkins on a hill, 8 at 12 o’clock, 7 at 3, 7 at 6, 7 at 9 = 29. Mumble chatter.

Soccer parking lot near rest rooms, 2000, Rocky Balboas IC x 29, special guest counted by Huckleberry, who also said In Cadence was a bad idea, but we were ahead of schedule.

Outside right side of Field #3, 2002, Flutter Kicks IC x 29, Guest counted by Slaw.

Outside left side of Field #2 on a hill, 2003, Incline Merkins on a hill near Field 2, IC x 29, ouch! Guest counted by Ash Pond.

Beside Field #1 in the shade, 2007, LBC’s IC x 29

Parking lot for Field #1, 2009, Monkey Humpers IC x 29, bad idea. Mumble chatter. I was worried since Tool Time was on the IR we wouldn’t have sufficient mumble chatter, but Freight, Huckleberry and that chatterbox Blart kept it lively!

Steps near Field #1, 2010, “Son graduated high school” Calf Raises at steps, 2 per step, 3 at the top – 29.

Playground, 2013, Pullups 29 OYO, or as I did them, 7,7,5,5,5.

Back to rhymes with “Nerd” shack, 2014, “Daughter graduated high school and began college” Hip Slappers IC x 10, only stopped due to being out of time!

Every marriage is a journey and no one knows where the years will take you. Some years you are up and some you are down, but having the M there with you through it all helps you keep pushing. I encouraged all to make their relationship with the M a priority. Pleasure to lead! Happy 29th Anniversary, Mrs. Leppard, the best person I know! I was dared to mention in the backblast, someone said “Keep that pimp hand strong!” and someone may or may not have a “strained taint”, not sure what those mean!


Prayer Requests, Floppy Disk’s M, Sparky’s family, Tool Time’s calf, Ringo, Roscoe.