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  • When: 9/23/16
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  • QIC: Bandit
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  • PAX: Squirt, Squeeker, Whoopee, Stroganoff, EZ Rider, Spiderman, Ash Pond, Def Leppard, Slaw, Bandit

It was a nice cool gloomy morning. Weather keeps getting better! Not ready for the cold gear yet, but I’m starting to smell it!

For those guys that posted Monday and again today (Squeeker, Spiderman, EZ Rider), I’m sure you were thinking Groundhog Day! Admittedly, there was only a small variation in today’s routine. But when you have achieved perfection…. #JustSaying. For the record, Hush Puppy gave advanced notice he was not posting today since the Midoriyama studs beat him down severely yesterday afternoon. Since YHC had advanced notice, that officially counts as Smart Sack. Here is how it went down downtown…

– I’m Not Professional
– Participate At Your Own Risk
– You are Responsible for you
– Instructions are Suggestions
– Modify As Needed


Warm Up
– SSH x 26 (see note below)
– Squat x 20
– Toy Solider x 15
– LBC x 15
– Don Quixote x 10
– Mericans x 10
– Repeat0 x1 (reverse order)

Since Whoopee asked, the maximum number of reps for any exercise in a warm up is officially 26. Don Quixote’s were performed in honor of Tool Time who was somewhere nursing is calf. Get well soon brother! In honor of the men of the Fighting Yank, we also threw in 2 sets of 5 BOYO as the train rolled by. Thanks to Whoopee for the inspiration there.

After the “warm up”, we mosied around the corner to the wall for some impromptu shoulder/back work.
– Donkey kick x7
– Wall slappers x7
– We did this at least 2x

After a mosey in and through the parking deck, the PAX was served up a fine Four Corners (around the parking lot) with a selection of
– Dying Cockroaches x20 OYO
– LBC x20 OYO
– American Hammer x20 OYO
– Mountain Climbers x20 OYO
– After each round, we knocked down 10 Monkey Humpers for fun.
– Repeato x2

Next we mosied to the Place De ‘Art for some Dips and Step Ups… although we just skipped the step up part. At this point YHC was getting a bit fuzzy. Probably left over head cheese from Monday. As I instructed “the next exercise is the squat”, I was reminded that what I was doing was actually called a Dip. So from know on, this shall now be known as the Arm Squat.

– Arm Squats/Dips (whatever) x20, x15, x10

Next was the last mosey back to the to the pavilion where we circled up around the Rotary Wheel for some people’s choice Mary. Everyone had their favorites. We especially loved Spiderman reprise on Stroganoff’s classic flutter kicks (for the record, YHC had to carry my abs home in a plastic bucket). #NotNice

Finally we wrapped up with…. OH CRAP! Forgot the Namorama. Sorry guys, you all get your money back next week. So we finished up with Announcerama and BOM.

Prayer requests for Roscoe and his CMPD brothers who are doing the hard work of maintaining order in our chaotic community. Roscoe also asked that we keep his friend Basil in our prayers. He is in critical condition. We also keep Floppy Disk’s and his M in our prayers as she deals with medical issues. EZ Rider’s friend who is battling colon cancer. Also for Bandit’s mom who is dealing with pulmonary problems and undergoing tests. Also a request from Squirt (sorry bother, I missed the details on this so send me a note and I will update this).

Later today Stroganoff reminded us why F3 has made a difference for so many of us, and himself especially. It was one of those days that he (perhaps many others) would have preferred to snuggle in their fart sacks making their way to the AO in the 0530 gloom. While he was not feeling it, he went anyway and the group pushed him. #ISI #Accountability #I2 I hear you Stroganoff!!! Aye!

Great work by everyone!!