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  • When: 9/12/16
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  • QIC: Hushpuppy
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse, Whoopee, Squirt, Easy Rider, Squeeker, Bacon, JJ, Bandit, Spiderman, Short Sale

The inaugural Monday workout at Martha’s house is now in session.  Because Hushpuppy has a big mouth and asked “hey, anybody want to work out on Mondays on this side of the county?” YHC was voluntold (by himself) that he was the Q!  11 of Gastonia’s finest #HIM, all veterans of the gloom posted so the disclaimer was short and sweet. The word of the week was shared “Proverbs 19:21 – Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will be established”  The pledge was made and the workout began:

Tha warm up: Imperial Walker IC X 15, Moroccan night clubs X 20 IC, Peter Parker X 15 IC, and the mighty-mighty Press, Press Fling X 10 IC.  (only effective if the count is accompanied by a WHEEE!!).  Then It was time for a Mosey to the Soccer field, the far and gloomy one near the woods.  Because it was dark, and Hushpuppy’s are afraid of the dark, and penguins, and cars, YHC wore a head lamp.  As we arrived at the soccer field at 5:40 am, someone had strategically placed tiny lights and the 4 corners of the 2 parallel soccer fields.  We gathered round the first light and remembered the anniversary of 9-11, the 2977 souls lost that day, including those who ran towards danger when many would run away Outhouse asked if something enlightening would be shared and YHC re-read the word of the week.

Tha thang: 4 corners, alternating Burps at 1 corner, Bobby Hurley’s at the next (9 Burps, run to next  corner, 8 Bobbies, run to next corner, 7 burps, run to next corner, 6 Bobbies, and down until 1)  this was 2 laps around 2 soccer fields and finished at the same lighted corner we started at.  Then it was repeat, doing Diamond Merkins and Crab cakes; again, counting down from 9 to 1 ending up with 4 total laps around 2 soccer fields and 90 reps of exercises.  After a count off it was mosey across the complex with a plank-o-pearl halfway to catch the 6 and our wind.  Since we had done the number 9 twice, YHC was now in search of the number 11.  The pax kept mumbling something about there being 11 people but that just wasn’t the 11 I was looking for.  But since we had 11, I decided to call an Omaha and trade out the planned 11’s on the hillside for some Dora 1-2-3.  Bear crawl up the hill, jog round the bench, and crawl bear or crab walk down the hill.  100 dying cockroaches, 200 squats, 300 flutters.  For the sake of time, the count was stopped at 200 flutters.  A count was made and we moseyed on, stopping for a pearl of curbside dips halfway.  YHC asked Whoopee to call the cadence as my wind was still a few hundred feet behind me.  Sticking with the theme, Whoopee called 20 dips in cadence, (9+11) and we mosey’d back to the Snoballs parking lot.  with 2 minutes remaining Some Merkins and Scorpion CDD’s were called to fill in the time, and the workout was complete.

Prayer requests, T-Square, praying for him and his family, (Glad he got to hunt with his Father!) Hushpuppy’s great nieces in hospital but getting better, Elena, acquaintance of Short Sale, prayers against staph infection.

Announcements: BRR Awesome, need 2 teams for next year!, Need Q’s for Monday’s and Wednesdays at Marthas, Hushpuppy and Easy rider posting in Clover at the Maze to spread the CSAUP joy, 8 man teams in cabins,