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  • When: 09/13/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sparky, Roadie, Huckleberry, Baconator, Lil Papi, Redskin, Hank, Floyd, Allen Tate, Gomer, Mary Lou, Medicine Woman, FNG (Tolbert)

The fog/smog was out thick this AM rolling into the Folsom gloom. With a little humidity, the overall atmosphere was right for a good beat down. Still in the back of my mind, I can see the images of the towers falling 15 years ago and all the brave men and women who went in to rescue and help those in the horrific sites where America Haters cowardly acted in terror. I still lift up those families of all who lost loved ones. So today I honor those families. So the PAX were rolling in hot, but not quite as hot as Roadie on 1 wheel! Great crowd and looks there, an FNG! Alright, some fellowship and stretching then 5:30 hit, lets roll


all IC and with a count of 15 for 15 year anniversary of the attacks: Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, Monkey Humpers

mosey to horse arena

tha thang

box jump up the 5 levels of the seating area for 15 burpees, come down for round 2, box jump up for 15 jump squats, down for round 3, box jump up for 15 calf raises. Line up on the bottom level for 15 declined merkins x15 IC, 15 LBCs IC, run a lap around the arena, back for dips x15 IC, run a lap, back for Freddie Mercuries x15 IC,

mosey to the far lot and concession stand for flutter kicks x15 IC, thanks Sparky for the nice slow/fast pace cadence! Find a wall and Donkey kicks x15 OYO. Then on our 6 for 15 big boy sit-ups OYO.

Enough with the snack shack, mosey to the pavilion for 15 Rocky Balboas (total 30), then a round of ATMs, while remaining in plank position with 15 shoulder taps IC, 15 single count merkins on YHC count, then 15 fast pace merkins OYO. Time is getting slim, so mosey the hard surface back to the start.


Namorama, welcome FNG( Tolbert)

Cot/ BOM by YHC

Great work men! We have gone from pushing pebbles to Pushing Tha Rock! Looking to push boulders!  I appreciate the opportunity to Q, but more important I appreciate the group, our friendships, and what F3 is all about; creating Men, leaders in our homes, in our communities, and in our Walks in Christ! Blessed to a part of it all!