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I’ve been a part of F3 now since March of 2016. After surviving the first few workouts after having shoulder surgery 5 months prior, I knew I was going to enjoy these workouts. I also knew my day would come to lead one.  Finally the day arrived. I truly thought I would have had a mere handful with a large portion of our group out of town running the BRR, but 15 came out to support me for my VQ. After a great 3rd F by Dr. Feelgood I made my first VQ mistake and didn’t start on time! I gave the usual your an idiot for following me disclaimer and jumped right in. At several points throughout the workout I completely forgot I should be counting or even how to count (seems super easy when I’m following along, didn’t think I needed to practice to be Q!).

Warmup – The warmup consisted of the usual suspects; SSH, LBC’s, Don Quizotes, and finally some Merkins to get the arms warm.

The Thang

After a quick warmup we moseyed to the flag for the pledge and then on to Grier for some track work to help us remember the fun our BRR brothers were having.  After having the group count off in 2’s, I quickly gave what can only be called clear as muddy water directions (trust me they were crystal clear in my head). Along the track I had laid out numbers 1 thru 4 with an exercise written along with the number. With the 1’s starting on one side and the 2’s starting on the other we were to run around the track stopping at the 1’s and doing 10 of each exercise. Then around a 2nd time stopping at the 2’s and doing 20; so on until we completed 4 laps and a combined 1 mile and 200 reps of the following:

Lap 1-Diamond Merkins/Burpees X10 ea. Lap 2-Seal jacks/Plank jacks X20 ea.                                                                              Lap 3-LBC’s/Moraccan Night Clubs X30 ea. Lap 4-Squats/Flutter kicks X40 ea.

After a quick gathering to count off and a chance for the Q to catch his breath we moved over to the tables for a trip down memory lane and my first workout one cold March morning. We did 3 rounds of the following exercises with each round increasing by 5, starting at 10, with a lap down to the ballfield and back up in between each set; dips, Merkins,step-ups, and Derkins.

Each round the mumble chatter got a little louder and I could tell the guys were really starting to like me and the workout I had chosen!  After finishing up we gathered at the “G” and recycled the numbers with workouts on them, playing a little F3 Roulette. We completed another combined set of 200 of the track exercises and still had 15 mins left to go!  We moseyed back to the Schiele for a brief pause while I encouraged the men to “climb on” whatever mountain they may face and in this case it would be the trail at the bottom of the property. Down we went with some mumble chatter behind me. We made it down and commenced to do 10 8-count body builders (telling ya, the guys were loving me). After that we moseyed back to the top for what had to be the ringing of the bells that signaled an end to our misery. Alas, it was not so. It seemed that a new exercise I had just learned must be shared. We zombie lunged about 15 or 20 yards and bear crawled back. The bells were delayed some more so I did what any good Q would do, I picked an exercise on our six (which at this point can not be recalled). Finally the bells rang and we finished out with the COT and announcements.

It was truly an honor to lead this group of men and I look forward to leading more sessions (with counting practice of course and clear directions or easier exercises). Thanks for the opportunity.