• Post Type:
  • When: 9-1-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Medicine Woman, 777, Huckleberry, Flint, Gooney, Soft Pretzel, Cheddar, Sparky, Garfield, Gomer, Allen Tate

It was a slow start to the morning. YHC spotted a Mustang at #Folsom entrance and thougt we had a FNG, little did I know. There were only 3 of the #Folsom regulars discussing strecthing when YHC showed up. With about 2 minutes left and the #Ghostflag up for grabs, 4 cars came rolling in hot with 777 bringing up the 6. YHC knew it was gonna have to be a tough one. The plan was the Blockbuster, however we had no blocks yet. Introductions between the #SOB 5 and the Warm up began. The whole time YHC was trying to figure out what to do. Circle up, no FNG’s, short disclaimer.

Warm up; SSH x 15 IC, Don Quixote x 15 IC, wait what is that noise, Sparky had trouble getting the trailer with the blocks hooked up in the dark makes his arrival. CDD x 15 IC.

– Run from Tennis courts down to lower parking lot, 2 laps around parking lot, back up hill to Tennis Courts; 1/2 mile
– All pax grab a block from the trailer and circle up; 6 exercises; curls x 10 IC, french curls x 10 IC, squats x 10 IC, front raise x 10 IC, squat press x 10 SC, good mornings x 10 IC.
– Repeat run.
– Repeat exercises.
– Repeat run.
– Repeat exercises.
– Repeat run.
Total reps; curls 60, french curls 60, squats 60, front raise 60, squat press 20/ 20 Allen Tate’s aka Monkey Humpers; Huckleberry made the request for the substitution. Good mornings 60. 2 miles. Nice work in 45 mins. #SOB 5 strong work. #Folsom men Strong as well. It was a pleasure leading you men today.

Moleskin; Wanna give a shout out to Sparky for saving the Q’s spinning mind. #SOB glad you guys made the drive and hope you felt the BlockBuster!!! YHC did and still does. It was a pleasure to meet you guys. Allen Tate coming in hot but pushed the rock, TClaps to you Huckleberry. #DRP. Medicine Woman hope you feel better sir. #Gaspains are no fun!!! Nice mumble chatter on set 2 and 3 men.

COT; Pledge, Thanks for the reminder Garfield; Namorama

BOM; Announcements; Prayer requests; Sparky took us out.
#Ghostflagstole, Nice job #SOB, It was an honor to lead you men.