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  • When: 7-16-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Outhouse
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  • PAX: Bandit, Woodstock, Da Vinci, Feelgood, JK2, Linus, Stroganoff, Monk, Spud, Yo Paley, Yo Adrian, Roscoe, Squirt, Hush Puppy, Rudolph

Great start to the day with a strong 3rd F by Rudolph. The theme was Hospitality and what it means and how we need to do a better job of it.

As I listened to him I could only think the beat down planned was not going along with anything he was saying As the clock struck 8 it was time to get started. There was some early chatter about how some had seen me jump the fence and my truck was no where to be seen. We started with the warm up.


Morocan Knight Club

Imperial Walker

Flutter Kicks



Quick count off to insure we had an even number to get the party started. We started a mosey towards Grier Track. We stopped at flag pole for the Pledge and caught a quick set of Merkins.


a short Mosey up to the parking lot at Grier to find my truck. Each PAX found a partner and one got a big block and the other two small.

Mosey to the track to get started.


Round One

Lunge The Block

Partner 1 Lunge with  Big Block while Partner 2 takes a lap with small blocks over head as far as possible. Each time partners meet 5 merkins and switch places .Big block went via lunge 400 meters and little blocks mad it close to a mile on round one.

Round 2

Partner 1 bear crawls from one cone to next  (aprox 50 yards apart) Partner 2 sprints ahead to 2nd cone and does Dying cockroaches with small blocks till P2 arrives. Switch and repeat till next cone. Next cone Lunge x4 than Burpee repeat till next cone is reached. Rinse and repeat until lap is complete.

Round 3

Meet 50 yard line with all blocks. Break into groups of 4

Run to four corners with blocks.

Each corner was said exercise x25

once complete sprint on track count clockwise to next station .

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Tricep Curls
  3. cling and press
  4. squat with blocks overhead

Running out of time ran back to parking lot with blocks and stacked in the truck so I wouldn’t have to. Had time for a quick

10 Burpees OYO.

most grabbed a water and headed back to Schiele for COT.

Bells had not rang yet so we finished with some dying cockroaches just for fun.

Number of prayer request and big a big praise from Da Vinci as his mothers surgery was a success. please see Bandit or Roscoe for info on toy drive in honor of F3 Olive’s daughter who passed away. see Bandit on collecting funds for donation to scholarship fund in honor of T-Squares daughter.


Today was what F3 is all about. We all knew it was going to suck and it was hot, but in the end we did it as a group and are a little better for it. Men pushing men both spiritually and physically.  And in the end a little bit of voul-en-told for Woodstock. Come out for his VQ next week. Thanks for the opportunity to get a little better.