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  • When: 7-11-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Anthrax, Qwuish, Stroganoff, Defib, Outhouse, Rudolph, Hokie, Monk, Tool Time

On the drive to the AO through Cramerton this morning there was some unusual stuff on the roads that normally isn’t there. After further inspection, the PAX came to find out that there were piles of mayflies that were attracted to the lights around town, easily millions on the ground and in the air. Disgusting! Despite the swarm that tried to take over our usual stomping grounds, there were 10 brave souls who made it out this Monday morning. Aye!

The mumble chatter started early with some PAX insinuating that I needed to put more enthusiasm into the beginning of my workout. Apparently I was talking too softly! That won’t happen again.

No FNGs so no disclaimer.


Word of the month

SSH x15IC, Mountain Climbers x10IC, something else I think…

Mosey toward Goat Island. As the PAX approached the stop sign, YHC stopped for a little break from the routine and called for some hill work with the Bernie Sanders (running backwards up the steepest hill you can find). This announcement brought immediate mumble chatter and calls to skip it for fear of holes and general discomfort. YHC being a reasonable guy and wanting to be the best leader he can be allowed the temporary mutiny of his Q but then called for 10 burpees instead! Mosey on.

Upon reaching the second bridge at the island, the Q called for a bear crawl across with modification of lunges to the other side if needed. Nice work men! Continue the mosey up Main Street past the apartments and down toward the fields out back. The PAX got a little stretched out for a bit but the strong PAX led an improv of core work while waiting for the 6. More moseying with sarcastic mumble chatter followed.

In the home stretch back to the school the PAX got stretched out and separated again. While the Q  and others brought up the rear, the faster men broke down a few rounds of Mary until we arrived. Great work again men! In all we covered just shy of 4 miles this morning.

Announcements: Prayers for Monk’s brother in law’s mother, Anthrax’ grandmother recently passed. T Square