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  • When: 06/20/16
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  • QIC: Stroganoff
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Barney, Flinstone, Outhouse, Tool Time, Stroganoff

5 strong men gathered in the early morning gloom for the Monday Derecho extravaganza. Frankly, it wasn’t gloomy at all….it was quite beautiful with a full or close to full moon brightening the morning sky just above the trees. The temperature was cool and the humidity was lower…..close to perfect conditions. Let’s go.

Before we could start, Barney had to save the shovel flag after the weak plant by YHC. Pathetic.

My Casio clock struck 5:30 am so we began the Angry Mob Fun Run with a short disclaimer and even shorter warm up (no idea why I’m calling the workout the Angry Mob Fun Run…saw a funny pic last night and went with it):

10 IC Side Straddle Hop
12 IC Imperial Walkers

Let the mosey begin.

The PAX then jogged away from the parking lot at The Storm and headed for our normal route toward Goat Island, but wait, at the crossroads we turned up the hill toward the glorious art at the traffic circle for a quick station:

13 IC Merkins
20 IC LBC’s

Time to mosey again back toward the school, around the backside, past the weight room to the ‘knobs’ area?? Second station included the following:

15 IC Derkins
20 IC Flutter Kicks

Mosey back through the parking lot toward the crossroads….will we hit Goat Island this time around…..no. Right turn up the hill for a second time to the traffic circle for station #3:

12 IC Merkins
20 IC LBC’s

Mosey for running section #4 around the back of the school again to station #4 back at the knobs:

15 IC Derkins
20 IC Flutter Kicks

Time for running section #5 back to the crossroads and turned up the hill again (this time accompanied by a little mumble chatter from Outhouse: “Let’s turn up the hill for some merkins” – with a hint of sarcasm)….who am I to disappoint? Up the hill we go for the 3rd time….but wait…..no stopping at the top. KEEP RUNNING! On back around the school and back to the vehicles.

Quick pledge.

Prayers to Godfather and his M on the loss of his mother-in-law. We are all with you brother.

Announcements: F3 Dad event this Saturday, 10:00 am at Martha Rivers. JK2 has the details. Belmont is off and running with the 3rd workout coming up this Saturday. YHC has the Q. Please join us.

Great work men to start the week. We got in somewhere between 3 – 3.5 miles today. I continue to get much out of all 3 F’s. It is much appreciated. Honored to lead it again this morning.

Until the next one. Aye!