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  • When: 04/22/2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoopie, Stroganoff, Bandit, Hush Puppy, Dolph, Brownstreak, the Mayor, Sargento, Dr. Feelgood, FNG Latex, FNG Dr. Evil, Spiderman, Linus, E4, Outhouse, Madoff, Boss Hogg, Roscoe

It was a great morning to be in the Gloom as it was convertible weather and the pre-blast said we were going to Texarkana and back just like the Bandit.  As we were assembling, some unfamiliar faces appeared so introductions were in order.  When one announced he was an NC State graduate in engineering Stroganoff looked like Alice the Goon when she sees Popeye.  It was an instant man crush. Great to see new faces as the word of the month is growth.

The crowd kept growing until we had 18 PAX ready for a beat down.  We started on time with the #pledgeofallegience and then an Indian Run around the parking lot.  The first lap was routine but by the second there was an early jailbreak and things were getting out of hand so I had to get them back to the Pavilion before it was complete anarchy.

The Warm Up:
We started with SSH and were about to do some Prayer Squats when the peanut gallery (Whoopie and Dolph specifically) began clamoring for the Press, Press, Fling.  The Press, Press, Fling has its roots in a Navy Seal workout video I still possess.  It is a VHS tape so you know it has some years on it.  If you have something that will play it and want to borrow it let me know.  Anyway, Whoopie is a PPF skeptic and doesn’t think it works anything.  I disagree because if done correctly is a good back and chest stretch.  But he and Dolph asked for it so I audibled and we got it in.  I wasn’t looking to take requests but I am reasonable and will deliver for the crowd when asked.  We then did the Prayer Squat, LBC’s, Monkey Humpers, and more.  We then did a lap around the lot and set ourselves up for the Thang:

Colonel Troutman with Bobby Hurley’s

The PAX lined up and completed 20 Bobby Hurley’s and then ran 45 yards for 19, 18, 17 etc until we were done.  Lots of effort here to get it all in and then everyone planked for the six.

The PAX circled up for a quick F3 lesson and then in continued preparation for the Mayor’s Special Olympics Burpython, we did the Burp and Merk.  (Burpee with one merkin, burpee with two merkins to eleven and back down to one.  Burp and Merk to eleven and back down.) It started sprinkling and then began raining as we finished up and moseyed to the Pavilion for some Mary.

WW1 Situps, LBC’s, Good morning Darlings, Imperial Walkers, Seal Jacks, (Whoopie did some freestyle on the Seal Jacks to the tune of Hava Nagila )

We ended on time and named our new FNG’s Dr. Evil (Sam Burris) and Latex (Alex Poole) as Linus bolted for the door.

Top Hat needs our Prayers as do all members of the PAX. We ended with a COT and prayer.

It was great to see so many PAX show today and give great effort.  It was a pleasure to lead and looking forward to tomorrow’s guest Q’s CSpan and the Package at the Schiele tomorrow.  Show up at 0630 for the 3rd F bible study led by our own Hush Puppy.