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  • When: 4-21-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Outhouse
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Mayor, T-square, Radar, Whoopee, Anthrax

As always the streets of Cramerton  where busy with folks looking to make themselves a little better.

Warm Up IC



Grass Pickers

Imperial Walkers


Pledge and than off to mosey

Run around the town loop and back up and behind the buildings to steps beside Bandits Wall of Shame.

At the top of the steps we circled up for what the PAX thought was going to be a game of duck-duck-goose.

After getting a tweet from mayor last concerned about the PAX ability in the upcoming Burpee-a-thon this became the perfect opportunity to get in some much need practice.

For the next ten min Pax preformed 10 Burpees a min for a total of 100.

For some reason the closer we got to 10 the shorter the min got.

After the Burpee beat down to  the stairs we went. We began to mosey  but saw the perfect opportunity for some Merkins, LBC, and Bear crawls up the grass hill to the tracks and backwards bear crawl down.

After realizing just how steap the hill was and the sound of train off in the distance we headed towards the fire station.

With the absence of Roscoe I felt it was safe to do some backwards running.

Round 1

20x CDC Bottom backwards run to top 20 x CDC Top sprint back down

Round 2

30x Moroccan Night Club decided to move across the street and backwards run across bridge 30 x Moroccan night club and  Mosey to far bridge

Round 3

1 min of Burpees backwards run across bridge  and than sprint to parking lot.

1 min of Burpees and began long Mosey back to parking lot. For some reason a conversation broke out about the toilet paper in the Porta-Johns and how Whoopee follows the truck and steals it right after they put it in. Not sure maybe the Burpees had us delirious.

After a Mosey back we finished with COT.


Burpee-a-thon May 7th  beware Mayor has begun training


As always great to be apart of an awesome group.