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  • When: 02/18/16
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  • QIC: Brownstreak
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  • PAX: Splinter (Guest PAX from Summerville), Bandit, Whoopee, Mayor, Dolph, T-Square, Stroganoff, Private Benjamin, Thimble, Top Hat, Monk, Brownstreak

Waking up this morning feeling excited about today’s episode of Goatisland. The 3rd of 4 short story series. As I arrived at the island I notice and different aroma.  It was a smell that took me back to childhood. Family trips to the mountains and……. Tweetsie!!! With the tracks nearby it wasn’t  unusual, it was just more defined this morning. With the crisp cool air and the smell of railroad ties the PAX started filling in. Excitement was building and they all started to talk and looking for the goats to arrive with the u-haul. I greeted the PAX and our visitor from Summerville-Splinter. We all welcomed him and then it was TIME! I welcomed all with a “I’m an idiot and you’re an idiot too for following me” speech. This is what was delivered……..

Warm up:
SSH 25xic
Imperial Walker 20xic
Mericans 20xic
LBC 15xic

Pledge (thanks Whoope)

Mosey to the community center. Planked up and waited for the 6. Thank to all the pax for tailing back and picking up 6 and encouraging. Here’s the THANG

The Thang:

5-10-15 ladder
Run to top of driveway (exercise)
Run down driveway (exercise)
Set 1-Mericans/WWII
Set 2-Mt. Climbers/squats
Set 3-Burpees/LBC

Mosey to top of driveway:
Sprints- 20yards after 6 reps of exercise and mosey back to start.
Exercise list looked like this:
Flutter kicks
Freddy Mercurys
Jump squats
Apollo oh no’s

Mosey back to the island…….

Russian twist
Hello dollies
Dying cockroach
Slow v-ups
Plank side raises(both sides)
And a new one to the group…the drone (thanks top hat)


Great workout guys. Thanks again for allowing me to lead this group. All was well till Juliet stepped out on to her balcony and said to us “stop being so loud there are people trying to sleep!” All’s well that ends well….. Right? BB&T don’t like us, the boot camp chicks mock us, and now the community is yelling at us from balconies!?!? Stay tuned don’t turn the station now…… Who knows what’s going to happen next week. Maybe a police chase?!?!


Whoopee has a challenge for the PAX. He has labeled it #marchmadness . He will give $50 toward BRR fees to anyone that post at more workouts (Gashouse) than him for the month of March.

Remember myself, Dolph, Defib and Whoope as we are at the YETI.

Be mindful and pray for the prayer request of you F3 brothers.