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  • When: 2-13-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Bandit, Monk, Shingle, Stroganoff, Linus, Brownstreak, Freight, TSquare, Sparky, Flush, Dedib, Mayor, Spiderman, Pizzaman, Dolph, FNG's Mary Lou- shortened to Lou (Jason Crisp), Allen Tate (Adrian Carpenter),

The preparation started a couple of weeks ago to gather the coupons for a Gladiator Games style workout. Once all items were obtained the plan came together. A couple of the pax met on site early to set up coupons for a rotation of somewhat heavy obstacles.
17 pax appeared in the gloom this am with cold weather gear, gloves, and readiness. .

Word of the Week; Monk

Warmup; SSH 12 IC, Storm Troopers 10 IC, Mericans 10 IC, LBC 10 IC, Spiderman arrived so we performed 1 more round SSH 10 IC. Mosey to Flag for the pledge. Mosey to the Field.

Pax circled up and counted off, 17. 3 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5. Direction of flow through the stations and station instruction given by the Q. I apologize for being lenghty, tried not to lose any of the Pax. The Q did see a lot smiles and heard some mumble chatter. Only one of the pax could perform a station at a time remaining pax in the group performed Mary at their discretion. Each group started at a different station and ran/ mosey counterclockwise to the next.
– 280lb tire flip 3 times
– 100lb 20 yrd sled pull hand over hand; back peddle pull to start
– 10lb or 20lb sledge hammer to large tire, 5 each hand
– 10 Dips IC on Bleachers
– 5 Pullups partner assist if need be
– 15 Blocksquats IC
– 240lb group log carry 25 yrd and back; EC overhead press
– 10 Mericans IC
Rinse and Repeat

Thanks to Sparky for the awesome sled and 20lb hammer, also to Mayor and Brownstreak this morning for the set up help. Spiderman came in hot, so we did one more round of SSH then we were off. FNG, Allen Tate joined us on the field. I hope the Pax enjoyed it as much as I did. I know a little different in small groups but we all got in a good workout and approx 2.5 miles. I was not sure how this would go because I’ve never been involved in something like this. The pax seemed to have no trouble with the stations or the weight. We all might feel it tomorrow though. The sled pull needs some fine tuning as it seemed to be the bottle neck. Sparky had a good idea to add another one. Time was up after two rounds so the Pax assisted with collection of coupons while Mayor rolled Bandit back to the LZ in the large tire. TClaps to Linus, awesome job sir. TClaps to pax and the FNG’s for the 1st Dolphsworld run. FNG Mary Lou has been shortened to Lou.

Annoucements; Monk is looking to start a 3rdF BiBle Study, send suggestions of time and place to him. Yeti 2-20-16. Gastonia Run, lets get a team up. Dallas AO to start 2-23-16 at 5:30am, location pending. Snowbird Mens Retreat Invite from Sparky 3-10 through 3-12. BRR in September.
TSquare appreciate you taking us out.
As always, A pleasure to lead you #HIM.