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  • When: 12/26/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA (QIC), Godfather, Monk, Roscoe, Bandit, JoBu, Top Hat, T-Square, Dolph, Mayor, Defib, Flush, Stroganoff, JK2, Freight, Fonda, Tool Time, Flintstone, Udders (F3Greensboro), Red Rider (FNG Jim Upton)

20 PAX (including 1 FNG) showed up for some merlot splashing, sore arms, and a lot of sweat being put down on the pavement.

This was my first chance to post to GasHouse since July 25th due to my coaching schedule and other things that have come up.  I figured I might as well Q on my return.  I have been posting at the weekday AOs, but forgot how much the extra 15 minutes on the Saturday morning workouts adds to the difficulty of a F3 workout.  My goal was to make this a good upper body beatdown on my return to GasHouse.

WU: (In Cadence)

  • SSH x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • CDD x 10
  • LBC x 10
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 10
  • Monkey Humpers aka JoBu’s x 10 -JoBu loves when we honor him in his love of this exercise

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


Mosey across the street to the parking lot

  • Zombie Walks Across The Parking Lot
  • Little Baby Dips x 10 (In Cadence)- Dolph must have been on his own cadence and looked like a rabbit in heat doing these.

Mosey to the adjacent parking lot

  • Zombie Walks Across The Parking Lot
  • Derkins x 10 (In Cadence)

Mosey to Church Parking Lot and Circle Up

Wave of Merkins and CDD’s- Q said Ring of Fire, but he was short of oxygen…

  • Merkins x 5 (In Cadence)
  • CDD x 5 (In Cadence)

Mosey to stairs behind Church and partner up with each group getting 1 cinder block

Fun With Cinder Blocks

  • 300 Standing Chest Press/Run Up Stairs and Merkins x 3- FNG Red Rider Merlot Splash 1
  • 200 Bicep Curls/ Run Up Stairs and CDD x 3- FNG Red Rider Merlot Splash 2
  • 100 French Curls/ Bear Crawl Up Stairs and LBC x 3- FNG Merlot Splash 3
  • 50 Blockees/Run Up Stairs and Squat x 3- FNG Merlot Splash 4?… I didn’t notice this round due to trying not to join him.

Cudos to FNG Red RIder for sticking it out during this….we added an extra count off or two to keep the rest of us from joining him.

Mosey to the Schiele with Cinder Blocks In tow and deposit in BA’s truck.  Then Circle Up.

Wave of Merkins x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Nameorama: FNG Jim Upton was named Red Rider

Announcements: 5 year anniversary convergence at AG Middle School in Charlotte on Jan. 1 and Yeti

Prayers: Top Hat lead us through prayer

Coffeeteria: 12 at Panera

I was glad to get back to GasHouse and I enjoyed every second of the workout this AM.  Again it was my pleasure to lead the PAX today!