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  • When: 12/24/2015
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  • QIC: Godfather
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  • PAX: Godfather (Q), Roscoe, Top Hat, BA (Brass Ass), JoBu, Mayor, Flush, Tool Time, Monk, T-Square, Whoopee, Linus

Admittedly, it was difficult to turn on my alarm last night for 4:30 after ceremoniously turning it off last Friday morning (my last day of work before Winter Break), but it turned out to be even harder to get out of bed the morning of Christmas Eve. The tone of the work out was set when I slipped and fell in the mud while setting up the Shovel Flag (on a side note, the flag also fell into the mud a couple of times, so it might be time to get another one). It was a special Christmas treat for the #GoatIsland regulars when our resident knuckle-head, Whoopee, pulled up and hoped out of his car – his first time working out at the Cramerton AO.

True to my nature, I didn’t plan anything for the workout, but I made the last-minute decision to rename some of our exercises to fit a more festive theme.

The Warm-Up began with 24 reps of each of the following: Side-Straddle Hop (aka Elf Jacks), Don Quixote (aka Stocking Stuffers), Imperial Walkers (aka Toy Soldiers), and Monkey Humpers (aka JoBu’s).

After a short mosey to the bottom of the hill, it was time to begin with a quick round of Dora 1-2-3. After the PAX paired up, they learned they would be doing 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBC’s on an aggregate count while one partner ran up to the top of the hill and back before switching off. The rain that began to fall about midway through the squat round was a welcome break from the unseasonably humid morning.

Because the people who work out at the Boot Camp aren’t as intense as F3 Nation, they didn’t have a workout at 5AM, so when the Boot Camp patrons began to arrive a little before 6AM, we moseyed past the Camp’s door to establish our dominance as the premier work out group of Cramerton, NC on our way to the alley between BB&T and the big brick building (I’m not sure what the building is).

In the alley, the PAX were informed they would be doing a round of Elevens. At one end of the alley, we did 10 reps of Merkins then moseyed to the other end of the alley and did 1 Squat. The exercise repeats with decreasing Merkins and increasing Squats until you finish with 1 Merkin and 10 Squats. T-Claps to Whoopee and some others who finished first and got in a little extra credit by running the stairs while the rest of the group finished.

With some time still left on the clock, the group took a seat on the F3-funded wall of BB&T for a Wall-Sit Relay. Two PAX would run up the stairs and around the brick building (from before) while the rest maintained a wall-sit until all members finished. With a little more still left in the tank, it was time to mosey back to the Parking Lot.


For the Cool Down, there was just enough time to complete a Ring of Fire (5 Merkins Each), 20 Gorilla Humpers20 Jump Squats, and 10 Burpees OYO. T-Claps to Whoopee are once again in order as he made sure to draw out his five Merkins to punish Godfather and the other PAX who were still in plank position. Minus 5 T-Claps for Whoopee, however, for kissing the ground during his Merkins and crawling behind Godfather on his last Merkin and looking at him through his legs.

The work out was finished with a Name-O-Rama, a round of a few announcements, and T-Square closing in prayer.

Closing Notes

  • Whoopee’s #GoatIsland T-Clap Count: -3
  • Attendance for Coffeeteria: 6
  • Potential for F3 Members being banned from Floyd and Blackie’s: Pretty High

There are a TON of opportunities for PAX to step-up and lead workouts in January. Contact site-Q’s if you’re interested in leading.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy the time with your family!