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  • When: 12/23/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Richard Simmons
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Spiderman, Dr. Feelgood, Linus, The Mayor, Boss Hogg, Monk, Anthrax, Bandit, Kitty Cat, Richard Simmons

10 PAX showed up at Martha’s House even thought the forecast was calling for rain.

Since I had not Q’d in a while I thought a pre-Christmas party was in good order.  At 5:30 sharp we began with the disclaimer followed by the Pledge.  Quick mosey over to the bank to get the party started.

To set the tone, we  kicked everything off with the Slaughter Starter– 20 Burpees OYO

Next was the  Warm Up

Each exercise was completed AMRAP for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest.  Merkin, LBC, SSH, Imperial Walker, Plank, there may have been others here, but it was more than enough to get the blood flowing

The Thang-Since this was a party, the PAX paired up for a Princess Tea Party: PAX grabbed a partner.  With partners facing each other in plank position. Partners did Pattycake Merkins for 10 reps, followed by a Partner People’s Chair (Back to back wall sit) for 30 seconds.  Repeato but with 15 reps for the next round. The bank patrons were surely laughing while attempting to use the ATM.  After a quick count while still feeling the burn we started Super 21 OYO: Do 1 merkin followed by 1 sit-up; 2 merkins / 2 sit-ups; 3 merkins / 3 sit-ups, etc., etc. up to 10.  Once all PAX reached 10 we did 21 Squats. Continued the ladder from 11-15 and did 21 Monkey Humpers.  At this point counting was getting hard so YHC called off the remaining sets.  Total me4rkins and sit-ups= 120. Next we moseyed down to the parking lots at the ballpark.  Once gathered a count was given, no one was lost.  Keeping the party going, we completed 2 sets of SheHateMe across the parking lot 10 lunges each leg, 10 Burps, 10 SDD. Next we did Bear Crawl Snake: PAX lined up head to feet in plank position. The man in the back of the line bear crawls to front of the line weaving in and out of the planking PAX and yells when at front.  Next man does the same thing until all PAX made it through 3x.  Feeling quite obliterated we moseyed back to ice cream.  We still had a couple of minutes paid for so we did merkin ring of fire until time expired(5 rounds).

Finished with COT and announcements

Step up and lead, you won’t regret it!

Thanks for giving me the pleasure to lead, you men are an awesome group!!

Richard Simmons out!