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  • When: 12/12/15
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Bandit, Monk, Stroganoff, Spiderman, Dolph, Mayor, Linus, Tool Time, Flush, JK2, Fonda, Freight, Pizza Man, Bobby, TopHat, Testa Cles, Whoopee

Well I pulled into the parking lot and immediately knew today was going to be special….cars everywhere. Apparently there was an overnight thing at the museum, not a convergence so I relaxed. Shortly thereafter the cars started rolling in and the PAX arrived. One in particular stood out among the others. His name……….Testa Cles, the Greek leader of men who revolted against the Sad Clowns of……ok, my imagination really is not that good so I’m gonna stop there. But it was a great morning. The fog was heavy, the PAX were plentiful, we had a man with a sword and crimson cape, and another man with a Weinke and not afraid to use it. We even pulled a couple Billy Zanes along the way-look it up, props to Tool Time for the lexicon. After the workout, 4 of us had a semi-power huddle about ways to help direct our F3 impact in the community, so look for some great things in 2016.

Here’s what I remember….

WU:10 each IC- SSH, Gorilla Humpers, Merkins, LBC, CDD, Freddy Mercury. I think we stopped there. I had more on the Weinke but got so excited I skipped them and moved on to the Pledge.


The THANG: Inspired by the movie 300 and today’s Gladiator Games with our South Carolina Brothers.

10 reps of each exercise (6 different exercises) followed by a Bojangles Biscuit. We did 5 of these sets in total (do the math, should add up to 300 total reps-6X10X5). I had my 2.0’s check my math so if that’s not right, submit a request to them for your money back. Here are the exercises-

Jump Squats     Merkins     LBC     Dips     Gorilla Humpers     Lunges (10 each leg)

I think it was Tool Time that invited a couple athletic on-lookers to join us for the last set and they gladly joined us. I offered breakfast at Panera to either of them if they could beat Dolph. Let’s just say that is a very safe bet EVERY TIME and my breakfast was not very expensive. Thanks Dolph. We were glad to have them and invited them back next week so we will see. As a side note, those boys put us to shame on the jump part of Jump Squats. Wonder why????

We left our Billy Zanes and went dancing after that. In keeping with the 300 theme, we moseyed to the courtyard and did 300 steps (approximately 30 per trip-it was really 42 steps each trip but 30 is close to 42, right Bandit?) and after each trip we did 30 Moroccan Night Clubs (10 trips, 30 per trip, total 300-did that one on my own without the 2.0’s).

On our mosey back to home base for a little more pain, I was behind Testa Cles which provided much needed inspiration. The crimson cape in the morning sun with the sparkle of the steel blade was a sight to behold.

On arrival to the parking lot we partnered up (intentional confusion, no partners needed-just keeping everyone on their toes). The next exercise was a game called “300 squats and dips.” It consisted of 300 reps of squats and dips. You could do this in any combination with a sum total of 300. The mumble chatter was nearly absent while everyone concentrated on counting-next time will play this game a little different-maybe use a timer or do a tabata-thing like OBT…..will think about that one a little more. The mumble chatter provides much needed distraction from pain.

Time was nearly up so we circled up with a brief teaching moment for methods of being Q and leading exercises (search “How to Count F3) with demonstrations by previous Qs and a few rookies. I really enjoyed this-was great to see the encouragement by the PAX to help the group grow.

Thanks to Bandit for reminding me about our Namorama after our announcements. We closed out with a quick prayer keeping in mind Dr. Feelgood and his recent loss.

Remember-Second F event on last Tuesday evening of Month-location TBD approx 6pm I think, Convergence New Years’ Day in Charlotte, Q school January 16, Yeti February 20

It was a lot of fun this morning-thanks for the great showing and group participation.