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Gladiator Games V Back Blast

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  • When: 12/12/2015
  • AO:
  • QIC: Pebbles
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Longshanks, Soft Pretzel, Birdcage, Maximus, Toro, Geronimo, Linus, Torpedo, Atlas, Fire Hazard, Icicle, MP, 1 9er, Dark Helmut, Ringer, Mario, Lego Land, Socrates, Dolph, Patton, Freight


A buttery layer of fog set the scene on a unseasonably warm December morning as 20+ PAX representing 4 Regions came out to test themselves in the arena of the Gladiator Games.

There were some small changes from GG IV, but the basic principle is the same – Push yourself until you want to vomit.

I had several PAX tell me they watched the video and thought “It doesn’t look that tough”, only to come face to face with the Gloom Monster known as the Gladiator Games and piddle in their panties.  So those of you who watch the video and think it looks “easy” please HC to the next installment. We’d love to have you.

Here are the final results

Pebbles 5:08

Dolph 5:11

Longshanks 5:19

Maximus 6:08

Ringer 6:31

Geronimo 6:58

1 9er 7:11*

Dark Helmut 7:13

Birdcage 7:42

Mario 7:42*

Toro 8:18

Socrates 8:34*

Freight 8:45

Soft Pretzel 9:02

Fire Hazard 9:08*

MP 9:33*

Patton 9:45

Linus 9-something*

Torpedo 10:22*

Atlas 10:30

Lego Land 12:29*

Icicle DNF – 545 to the tire*

*indicates competitor required assistance and/or could not complete tire flip

**Please submit any corrections to me via twitter



I witnessed some pretty incredible displays of heart and strength watching PAX navigate the course. The most mind blowing was watching Dolph carry the dumb bell like he was carrying his wife purse at the mall and throwing tires like they were tic tacs. The guy is an absolute beast and would have likely had a better time if he ran it again, but declined the offer.

It was great to meet guys from other regions, we appreciate the support and thanks for coming out.  This event seems to grow a little each time and the Tribesmen in Indian Land are certainly looking forward to the next one!



  1. Fire Hazard

    Great CSAUP Pebbles. Even though I didn’t fair very well, I had a fun.

  2. High Tide

    How big/heavy is that tire flip?!

  3. Thomas Stiles

    It was great to see brothers persevere through this challenging course. I am looking forward to GG VI and hopefully another PR. AYE!

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