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  • When: 12/09/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Outhouse, Defib, Stroganoff, Spiderman, Anthrax, Flintstone, Bandit, T Square, Monk, Linus, Whoopee

I arrived early after a prolonged absence and actually missed the turn as I drove past Bruster’s parking lot, thankfully no one was there to see me so I’ll just keep that secret to myself. It was good to get back out there and see some familiar faces. I seem to be more agreeable during the days when I post for workouts and a brief absence helps me appreciate the workouts that much more. I am thankful for the motivation from my brothers that keeps me coming back-thanks for posting today, especially Defib who ALMOST pulled an Epstein’s mother (look it up).

Here’s what I remember:

WU-it was a real one, not a speed-warm up I have often been accused of…I even counted slower than usual.

10 each IC: SSH, LBC, Merkin, Squat, CDD, Freddy Mercury



Quick audible to avoid the fog-Mosey to parking lot of old Harris Teeter/Lowe’s Foods for the main event:

Leap Frog: partner 1 does AMRAP of called exercise while partner 2 lunges approx 50 yards (light pole to light pole), then flapjack and P1 lunges to P2 while P2 does AMRAP of same exercise. The exercises were as follows (roughly 1 for each pax): Merkin, LBC, Scorpion Dry Dock, Flying Squirrels, Burps, Squats, Freddy Mercury, Gorilla Humpers, Diamond Merkins, Monkey Humpers. I have no idea what the order was except I think we started with Merkins and ended with Gorilla/Diamond/Monkey.

Lots of mumble chatter during Gorilla Humpers-I think T Square called them Jane Goodalls then that was modified into Jane Not-so Goodalls. Really added to the burn and I believe was a crowd favorite. Will definitely be seeing these in the near future.

I think Spiderman had a date with Stroganoff’s mother in the park and Stroganoff had to get to work early so they both left a little early (only 15minutes early). Technically this was not an Irish Goodbye, however, I’m the Q so I’ll say it was and no one can argue with me. The rest of us moseyed to the side wall of the building for some Dips and Derkins. 25 reps of each X 3 sets. That last set was pretty much a wash for me on the Derkins. Think it was more like 25 reps of plank…..

At this point your Q was numb from the D and D with jelly legs so we headed back to home base and  did more Gorilla Humpers and Monkey Humpers with a lap after each set-thought we did 3 sets of something total but cannot remember. I wanted to end things there but Outhouse kept me honest with the clock and we did 10 burpees to finish the workout. We need a name for when the Q ends the workout early but tries to pass it off as a full workout-any ideas?

Namorama, Countorama, BOM

remember prayers for Dr. Feelgood and his office staff-hope to see you out here soon when things settle down.

Pleasure to lead this am, thanks for posting and keeping me honest with the clock-Whoopee