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  • When: 12/04/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Linus, Stroganoff, Outhouse, Monk, Spiderman, Flintstone, Dr. Feelgood

The warmup consisted of SSH, LBC, Merkins, Prayer Squats, Windmills

We began to Mosey when Monk wanted to get his gloves. This meant we needed to lap around the lot to pick him up. Then he said he wanted his vest that he left at Martha’s House, which I then retrieved from my car. It kind of made for a two man Indian run but I digress.

Mosey to the rail bridge and go across doing walking lunges…collect at the end and mosey to the “wall”.

At the wall do 4-5 wall walkers. Start on your belly with feet against the wall. Push up and walk your legs up the wall while pushing to get vertical. It is a real pleaser.

A quick mosey back to the bridge and bearcrawl all the way across and collect at the end.

Back to the wall for People’s Chair with overhead air presses, front punches, and marching in cadence. Mosey to the Parking Deck.

Colonel Troutman. I couldn’t think of the name of this since I forgot my Weinke. Partner up and one PAX completes 5 Merkins and holds the plank until his partner completes three pull-ups on the bars and returns for the switch. This was done until “Recover” was called by YHC. Then we ran to the top of the deck for a few minutes of ab work to include 6”, 45degree holds, WW Sit-ups.

Mosey to the “art” sculpture and completed one leg lunges on the benches, 10 cts each leg, followed by 20 3 ct Prayer Squats. This was then followed by the Wave of Merkins one to five and five to one. A quick mosey back to the Pavilion for a countarama revealed we went from 8 to7. Spiderman is adept at leaving the scene without anyone noticing towards the end of the workouts. Superhero stuff…you wouldn’t understand. Some plank stretch, more ab work on the stairs, Homer/Marge, until the designated timekeeper (Linus) called time.

A quick Name-O-Rama and COT and we ended the day. More prayers for San Bernadino victims.

A quick word to encourage all to get on Twitter. It is great to follow the workouts that you can’t make and also relive what you did while you attend a workout. You also miss the banter and the silliness that goes along with it, like saying there were ten PAX that showed up and quickly being called out that there were only 8. You don’t want to be out of the loop with the communication from F3 Nation and our fellow F3’ers who share information and amazing stories of service to others. (Mission trips, outreach, etc). See you all in the gloom. Roscoe