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  • When: 12/2/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Stroganoff
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: D-fib, Linus, Bandit, Flinstone, Monk, Stroganoff

6 PAX gathered in the gloom for Martha’s special pre-work day breakfast that included some mist and grinders. (Wasn’t really that cool as anticipated).

Disclaimer was invoked before a quick warm-up that included:

SSH X 20 (In cadence)

LBC’s X 20 (In cadence)

Imperial Walkers X 20 (In cadence)


The Thang

Mosey/Run/Skip (whatever you like) to the center of the baseball fields at Martha’s House for some Wolfpack Grinding.  Set of exercises was followed by running one pie piece loop around one of the baseball fields and back to the center:

Prayer Squats X 10 (In cadence)

Run loop then 25 merkins (plank until all PAX finish)

Run loop then 30 mountain climbers (plank until all PAX finish)

Run loop then 25 merkins (plank until all PAX finish)

Run loop then 30 mountain climbers (plank until all PAX finish)

Recover briefly (Q needed a few moments)

Next up was some Wolfpack Step Up to 4:  Partner up; while one partner exercises the other runs the length of one spoke (paved walkway in between baseball fields) and back to center where exercises are being performed for a cumulative total:

100 Merkins

150 Freddy Mercury’s

200 Mountain Climbers

250 Flutter Kicks

As usual, this looked better on paper, however, the Q chose his partner wisely.  Thanks D-Fib.

Mosey to covered picnic area for some dip-o-rama:

3 sets of dips X 15 (In Cadence) – This burned just a little.

Time came to mosey/run/skip back to the former Brewster’s mothership:

Bandit and Monk finished it off by leadinig some final ab work:

Dying Cockroach X 20

LBC’s X 20 (I think??)

Name-O-Rama followed by a few quick announcements:  Some Crowder’s Mtn event this Saturday? (PAX were not sure of details).  Monk detailed some Christmas events coming up at Belmont Abbey. (My apologies Monk for not having better details).  Monk also looking for a vest that was left at The Storm on Tuesday morning, I thought someone picked it up.

Q with a short prayer before dismissal.

As always I was inspired and motivated by the group this morning.  My days always go better when I am out there working early with F3 Gastonia.  I was honored for the opportunity to lead and look forward to the next one.  Keep moving forward.  Thanks.