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  • When: 12/03/15
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX: Dolph, Bandit, The Mayor, Fresh Prince, Linus, Jobu, Tool Time, Anthrax, Yak, Roscoe

A little Twitter warning to stay home wasn’t heeded by ten brave PAX who showed up to get better.  Before the warm up, YHC checked the bridge and discovered the gate was locked so the park was off limits and we couldn’t get to the other side of the river.  It was going to be a parking lot workout. 

Dolph was designated as the official Goat time keeper and on his signal we started with a brief disclaimer then straight to the warm up.
SSH IC 33?
Merkin IC 10
Prayer squat IC 20
Moroccan night club IC 36?

Pledge of Allegiance

Linus was seen driving to the park so we quickly continued the warmup with Monkey Humpers so Linus could enjoy the visual.  He wisely didn’t get out of the car until we were getting tired so we called it at about 16.

Warm up Linus
Seal jacks IC 20 or so

Mosey to end of parking lot
Lunge walk across the lot and mosey back 40 yds?
Plank up
Plank stretching…nice mumble chatter while getting loose

Circle up for the Burp and Merk
One burpee with one merkin
Second burpee two merkins
Third burpee three merkins, ladder up to ten and then nine and back down to one.  And then one more. You can always do one more.

Next, count off and go to the end of the parking lot for the thang.
This was supposed to be a Merkin ladder but since the gate was closed and the pecs were a little spent from the burp and merk we changed it to Bobby Hurley’s.  A little improv that was probably just as bad and possibly worse.

Begin on one end of the lot with 20 Bobby Hurley’s (Squat with hands on the ground then jump up for a jumpshot with hands and arms up).  Run to the other side of the lot and do 19, back for 18, and so on until you hit zero.  This appeared to be a really popular exercise, with one commenting that it “may be the worst thing he has ever done”. 

We planked up for the six and then circled up again for the next exercise.  Plank on elbows.  On count of one move right arm up to normal plank, count two your left hand hits the ground in full plank, three back down on your left, and then return to both elbows on the ground for one.  Repeado for ten.  Hold the plank and then a set of Peter, Peter Parkers for ten.

Next we did a set of CDD IC 10

Dolph announced there were three minutes to go.  I think everyone was surprised that time moved so quickly.  We hit our six for a heels to the sky series followed by a bunch of WW sit-ups to finish out.

I forgot to do the Name-O-Rama but we did a COT and closing prayer.

Prayers for San Bernadino and for all of us to protect the weak and less fortunate.

It was my pleasure to lead today.  You always get more out of it than you put in and I appreciate when the PAX show up to work.  There was no quit this morning.  I hope Brown Streak feels better as he heeded the warning not to show up.  Let me know if you need anything brother!

YHC with the Q tomorrow again.  A late positive thought for E4 who reported his knee is acting up and he is on IR for a few weeks.  Get better soon!