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  • When: 12/01/15
  • AO:
  • QIC: Mayor
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Godfather, Dolph, Jobu, Fresh Prince, Monk, Top Hat, Stroganoff, Linus, Mayor(Q),

9 PAX showed up in the cold and misty weather to get it done this morning.

The disclaimer was forgotten at this point, but there were no FNGs and it was obvious that I am not a professional.

WU:  SSH-IC x25, Toy Soldiers-IC x10, Don Quixote-IC x10.  Some of my counting got off to a bad start and we desperately needed Whoopee to get us out of that, but we made it through.

-Pledge of Allegiance-

Mosey down on the field to the goal line.  Everyone was informed there were four exercises to do (Merkin, Squat, Burpee and CDD).  At every 10 yards, choose an exercise and do the reps on that yard line (i.e. 10 burpees at the 10 yard line, 20 push ups at the 20 yard line, etc.). At the end, there were three tractor tires placed and the PAX had to flip the tires at least twice.  This was really fun since the tires had some water inside and were wet on the outside.

Next up was the lap run while hitting the stairs.  It was then that we realized the away side is aluminum stairs and the disclaimer was quickly noted.  When the PAX finished, they came back for the six. Way to motivate and push it guys.  I also realized I was not telling the truth the prior week when I asked “can’t we run.”

Meet back up at the goal line for Indian Plank jumps.  Everyone lined up going down the field with about a yard in between and held a plank while one man jumped or hurdled over the rest.  When one would finish, another would start.  This was done for two rounds and ended up going thirty-five yards.

Mosey back to the flag for some block work.  Each PAX grabbed two blocks and circled up for some shrugs in a slow cadence x25 then switched to one block for some straight leg deadlifts IC x15 (except for Dolph and Godfather who used two blocks….ANIMALS).

We still had some time left so a personal favorite of mine is some Mary.   V-up x10 OYO, Flutter Kicks IC x10, French Fries IC x10, Twists IC x10, WWII Sit-ups 10 Count, Freddy Mercury IC x10, another round of Flutter Kicks IC x25 and pop back up for some squat presses x10 OYO with the blocks.

Last thing on the list was some parking lot suicides at each parking space and the PAX got up to 8 spaces before time was up.

Forgot to do the name-o-rama, but two announcements were made for the Gladiator Games on 12/12/2015 (See Dolph) and the CrowderFest ’15 Run (See Whoopee).

Special thanks to BA and Godfather for setup and use of tires, Jobu for access and Dolph for the extra block.  Always a pleasure to be out there with you guys.