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  • QIC: Anthrax
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  • PAX: T-Square, Dolph, Mayor (FNG), Linus, TopHat, Lucky Charm, Abba, Monk

9 PAX posted in the GLOOM at Goat Island, including a record number that peeled in sideways at 0529. Still…right on time is still on time. Warmup as follows:

* Peter Parkers (remain in position after)
* Merkins (remain in position after)
* Mountain climbers
* Side Straddle Hop
* Squats

Pax then moseyed over to the parking lot side of the bridge and commenced the thang. First up was 5 trips climbing up the rocks beside the bridge. Props to all for staying upright despite the glasslike surface conditions courtesy of some ill-timed-but-much-needed overnight rain.

PAX then proceeded to #takethebridge (note: we need BA back, he has the best battle cry by far) and moseyed over to the park for a scenic tour.

First up was a 4-minute round of Col Trautman, making use of the monkey bars the Cramerton taxpayers generously provided. Afterward we moseyed around the walking trail to the cornhole boards and did 5 round of 1 burpee/sprint to the drink machine/1 burpee/sprint back. Then a mosey over to the playground where we did 3 rounds of squats followed by a trip around the playground by any means necessary (over/under/through the ropes that those darn kids make look so easy). Squats started at 20 and increased by 5 each circuit.

After the first circuit we did a mini-repeato, with a 2 minute Col Trautman and an abbreviated burpee/sprint circuit until we had to call time. Mosey back to the lot for COT. Thanks to all who posted, you gentlemen make it what it is!

– Prayers for TopHat’s friends out of work and looking.
– Prayers for law enforcement while we weather the current unrest.
– Need a Q for next Tuesday. Somebody step up!